Tuesday, April 25, 2006



  1. Glad you're back AL - have finally remembered to link you on my own page.
    330 ft !!!!!!!!! Makes my back ache just a the thought of it. I'll stick with my 90 ft thank you!

  2. good girl AL :)
    So pleased to see you again (and the chooks).
    Patsy's Poem was heartfelt wasn't it?
    I bet she is jumping for joy now!

  3. She is a little star - it brought tears to my eyes I can tell you.

    I really did not know that I was so 'looked' at - makes me feel really rather humble - it was just my silly ramblings for myself and a few friends.

    Someone mailed me and said that it you type in Allotment Lady on google or any search engine, I come up first - in fact the first seven. So no pressure then!

    It will take me a few days to get back up to full production. Trouble with the old bones and muscles at the minute - but now that I am back, I shall keep posting.

    Probably more allotment news than the chookes escapades as so much is going on up there.

    Thanks for your lovely comments - they are really special and mean a lot to me.

  4. She's back! and to prove it, she's here!
    Daft thing to say I know, but it must be from the Goon show or something equally funnily British!

    Welcome back AL, love the chooks antics, would love to cuddle them too!

    Don't go again will you?


  5. Yes I'm back - and won't be going away again.

    I won't allow myself to be bullied ever again by some little upstart. Sometimes things catch you off guard and you get winded, but I have bounced back again now.

    Have 'done' my back in so might be a bit slow for a couple of days - but I am sure I will find lots to talk about as usual LOL

  6. yeah, patsy has something to read every day now! I think the net is safe except posting pictures of our children. The only children pictures I post are my children when they were small and if any foul wants to try molesting them they will have a surprise.my babies weight about 800 pounds all added together .and the youngest is 40 years old.of course I guess maybe if you live in a small place it might be different.also Arkansas people have the right to own guns, most of us do by the way and I know uk people can't own guns if I have been informed right. All in all Arkansas is a good place to live.

  7. Patsy you do make me laugh bless you.

    You were informed right about the guns.

    Where I live in the country there are a fair few men/women that own guns and with licences for shooting all sorts of game too!


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