Friday, April 14, 2006

The start of a busy weekend.

Norfolk Lasses Eggs Total to Date: 378 Day:163

KoKKo 126 Personal best egg weight 86grms 29.11.2005
Adelaide 126 Personal best egg weight 80grms 26.02.2006
Ginger 126 Personal best egg weight 80grms 27.03.2006

London Ladies Bantam Eggs Total to date: 51 Day:30

Dilly 18 Personal best egg weight 36grm 27.03.2006
Freckles 18 Personal best egg weight 37grms 28.03.2006
Pumpkin 15 Personal best egg weight 35 grms 01.04.06

Didn't go to bed until late - well early this morning after a long time in the car asleep, Luke was in no rush to go to bed, and so I made the most of it.

Up bright and early today, I was greeted by lovely sunshine and the garden is radiating with different shades of yellow from the now fully opened daffodils and narcissi everywhere. A great way to start the day.

The chooks were keen to be out and about scratching, and I mixed up a new bucket full of their feed - so they had to wait patiently (as if) for a few minutes before I took out their food containers. They took one look at them and got back to the serious business of heads down, petticoats up, and the dig down to Australia.

I had spend some time raking all the wood bark back into the craters they had made, but they soon flicked it back out in disgust.

One early morning egg from KoKKo and huge one, but not a record breaker!

I am sitting in the lounge and the sun is streaming through the patio doors onto an arrangement of daffodils in a lime green pot - an dsome of them are opening - and the way that they are positively glowing in the sunshine - like the sun itself is wonderful.

Better get going on the breakfasts while there are still sleepy heads in bed - it will soon all change when my darling little grandson wakes up. Can't wait to see that wonderful smile, and those gorgeous big eyes that make you go gooey at the knees.

Lots to do - so really have to drag myself away - will try and catch up with you all here this evening.

In the meantime, I hope that the sun shines on you and that you have a good day too.

The egg total today is 5 so I have a surplus of them at the moment but that will be rectified when they get distributed amongst the family.

Had a great family day walks around the village, having a baby to look after, and fun with the chickens who have been particularly entertaining and on their best behaviour.

That's all today folks - back to the family.


  1. have a good time with the baby.

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours!
    Check out my easter card on my blog....

  3. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Kooringa please come back to the omlet forum! I miss you and so do the others!
    Martin B

  4. I went to the libarary today and I took some pictures of shrubs around town for you. If you double click on the picture you will see a larger view at least it does when I click on them.

  5. Thanks for your comments on my website, just found them today! Still getting to grips with technology behind it.
    Ocassionally catch up on your blog, but have not left comments so far (left one on yesterday's blog as well as this one).


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