Friday, April 21, 2006

All the links still work so you can still click on them

Just a note to say that the links on the right are still working so you can click on them to see all my lovely favourite sites.

I still visit here every day to do just that!


  1. Sorry that you are no longer here, but fully understand your reasons why.

    Thanks for leaving all the links I will carry on looking at them - I used to do it everytime I logged on to yours so it is nice to be able to still do so.

    Can you add any more you come across that are interesting please.

    I am mailing my email address in the hope that you can let me know when you have a new blog.

  2. hello, miss you, miss chickens!i am going to get 50 babies batamns in the mail 17th of may and my little bantie will hatch tomorrow.hope you health report is good.

  3. Wow - how things change when you havent been on for a while! I wish you well in your new venture and hope that I too can be added to your email list so that I can visit your new site. I shall miss the antics of your babes in the short term but look forward to seeing you and yours again in the near future. Take care.

  4. denise t -usa5:14 pm

    please add me too as i miss your daily updates...even though the new blog or site may be a different idea...

    i just went thru a day of chick holding, and she is actually rather tame now. i had to trim her beak because it is crossed, and i thought she would eat better with the ends a lil shorter. and i babied her all day. :O)

    still watering spring seeds in. the peas are starting to poke up a bit...these are a bush variety, so we'll see how that goes...couldn't start the rototiller to till more beds, so will have to wait for hubby to find the time.

  5. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Have you checked out the link on the right called Chickens with Vegetables?

    I think you might like it

  6. Just an idea: maybe a password-controlled site may give you better security? This blog is currently the top hit for "allotment lady" on google. Thanks again for your comments on my website. Best wishes.

  7. chris8:48 pm

    sorry you have had grief with your web adventures AL.
    All the best to the chooks and you and your hubby.

  8. After overwhelming support and requests I have decided to carry on with this site. But I have deleted the link that exposed the 'real' names in one area of their site until it is sorted

    Thank you one and all - I never realised how many people enjoyed my waffle!

  9. The blog is on a go slow today so is not uploading all the posts I have added to catch up with what I have been up to.

    I will try again later today (Monday) 24th April


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