Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Titles of the flower arrangements

1. Phantom of the Opera
2. The easy one which I remember now was Cabaret
3. King and I
4. Moulin Rouge
5. My Fair Lady
6. Miss Saigon
7. Memoirs of a Geisha

Bit of a disaster sort of day - so no chance to post anything.

Will do so tomorrow


  1. Funnily enough, I guessed the one you couldn't remember the title of, but got mixed up with the oriental ones! LOL!

    Patsy, I have some seed called, 'Yellow Brandy Wine' which I believe is from America. They are 'heritage' seeds and even though I may be moving this year, I will grow them ( nice sunny wall down the side of the house) outside and if I should move before the harvest, they will go with me in the car! They are about the size of 'Shirley' toms, and very 'old fashioned' tomato taste, yummy! I don't think it would be legal to send you any seeds, but if I could I would! (Wouldn't want to get you into any trouble with the 'seed Police'!

    Sorry AL, for taking up so much space on your comments!

    I've got 5 nights off this weekend, if the weather is nice, will go walking,if it's wet I'll do some sewing and some sowingof seeds like nightscented and virginia stock ( so I get flowers by day and scent by night)some runner/french beans in tubs, and some swiss chard'bright lights', I love that steamed especially the stalks. I'm growing some 'sweetheart' cabbages too.
    BTW, your broccoli was worth it after all...It looked so tasty....Roast beef dinner with huge yorky puds, thick juicy gravy, sweet and ordinary potatoes, mashed with black pepper,horsradish, cream and a hint of garlic, a little parsley, baby sweetcorn, purple srouting broccoli,carrotsticks,roastpotatoes....washed down with some Isla Negra' merlot, followed by lemon and orange sorbet and a little Jersey vanilla ice cream....and probably some Bisodol!! LOL! I'll be dreaming of roast dinners now!!
    Did you get my email?

  2. Oh I was certain 6 was phantom LOL
    I thought it looked like a mask at the top of the display.

  3. 2 right! I'm rubbish! I could have sworn the first one was Moulin Rouge

  4. Well I thought that some of them could have been any of the musicals.

    The Moulin Rouge one - had black feather fans in it.

    I am not sure why Phantom was red and white with feathers and no mask.

    The two with orchids could easily have been for either couldn't they.

    But I think that they were all so beautiful - I am sure that you all agree.

    One of the best demos I have seen as the lady was so entertaining when interesting as well as have such a wonderful display.

    There were lighted candles and tea lights too, which do not show up in the photos - glad you joined in the fun.


    Sandie - lovely to hear your news and I write long comments too - so no apologies.

    Didn't get your email or I would have answered it.

    Lost in cyber space. Hope it wasn't important.

    Fingers are crossed for a buyer for you this weekend

    Glad you have at last got some time off work.

    Thanks one and all for your comments.


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