Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back garden photos

The chicken pen border created in the winter. There have already been a big show of crocuses, now grape hyacinths and primulas, and the clematis is growing up the chicken wire fencing - should have a treat to look forward too later in the summer. The green screening acts as a windshield and a proctection to the plants so that the chickens can't dine on them!

Maxines Garden bursting with life again - soon to be a mass of flowers

The pergola border just coming to life through the mulch.

These look like giant snowdrops. They have been flowering for four weeks. Each stem has at lease four bell flowers each flower looks like a crinoline skirt and has green dots a along the little points. This is the only clump I have and it grew out of the ground right alongside the raised bed I put in.

This is the only bit of sunshine this Aubretia gets. It survives on the bit of gravel next to the wall of our home. It gets totally neglected but this time of year it flowers its little heart out and lights up a dreary path.

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  1. i love the Aubretia, wish i had some growing here.


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