Saturday, April 01, 2006

Here are those allotment photos that wouldn't load

These are the only photos the blogger will let me load - off to try again on a new page.

Those poor broad beans, but they look like they might be rallying. I am debating whether to bother putting more in - I am not keen on them, so I only really grow them for Pat - but I do eat them - I was brought up to eat what was put in front of me!

Another mystery plant that has burst through the ground full of energy and life - it will be pretty that's for sure.

At the front of this bed the asparagus will appear in a while, which I grew from seed. Along from that, so 'above' them in the photo is the newly deep dug section with all the pig muck dug in with the chrysanthemums - six footers and red (if I haven't get those muddled up!) Beyond are all sorts of things that you will see when they grow. The grass paths I created late last year and they are looking really good.

One of the 'mystery' bulbs I planted up the lottie last Autumn. They are short stemmed but with a bud that looks out of proportion. The leaves are a bluey green - maybe alliums? Or just fat narcissi - a surprise awaits. Its this getting old business. I keep forgetting the names of what I plant where in the flower borders. But no way do I forget that in the veggies department. Guess it is not important with flowers as I don't eat them - well except some of the calendula - so as long as they are pretty I remember them when they get bigger!


  1. i love the pictures. i also notice you call Iris flags that is what we call them guess that proves we are english. if you look at my site and think i have gone crazy about Immingration. I haven't just trying to get a debate going with my sisters. we always had debates when daddy was alive and enjoyed them. no one debate me anymore guess they think i am old and they feel sorry for me. patsy

  2. You just can't beat a healthy debate can you.


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