Monday, April 24, 2006

A posting last week on my new site

KoKKo, Adelaide and Ginger have been laying eggs all winter

Over the winter they lived in my back garden, but now they reside up my allotment – which is where the Vegetables come in!

I will add photos when I get time to show you how my allotment plot has developed since my first season in 2004. But for now will concentrate on the present.

I think that I will do alternate pages. A Chickens Page and a Vegetables Page, as I know from experience that some people will prefer reading about one or the other, and those who will read both.

So here are the girls - KoKKo, Adelaide and Ginger - now at their summer house up the allotment.

Whilst I am up there they freerange on the meadow that I sowed last year in preparation for their arrival. I am hoping that they attack the dock weeds and leave the the meadow mixture. They usually get about 3 - 4 hours a day ranging around and then I lock them in their run which is big enough for them to live comfortably in full time. But I love to see them roaming free.

They are particularly partial to sorrel and spinach leaves which I grow just for them - so those in the red wire hanging cage that which I left them eating, were picked just minutes before the photo was taken! Even fresher food than I get.

They are great company and have been causing quite a stir up the site, with many admirers. And they have been laying a egg each a day so far since they have been up there.

Another chap has quite a number of chickens and some geese, but my three hens produce more per bird on average than his! Maybe it is because mine have names and are tame. He was quite impressed today when he saw that they come to me when I arrive and let my pick them up and cuddle them - he has to catch his with a net!

So this was the scene today - wet and windy - but do the girls mind - not a bit!

There was some very serious worm hunting going on - lots of excited squawks and chatter when one had been found and funny chases as the finder ran a marathon around the meadow hotly persued but the other two - whilst trying to gulp the worm down at the same time.

The scruffy patch in the middle is where I had put their run for a week and they had started excavation holes - so I moved it today and will do so every couple of days so that I do not get any bald patches.

I have more chickens at home - but I will introduce you to them another day.

But for now I leave you with lovely allotment hens in a really nice setting don't you think?

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