Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday 23rd April

I haven't had time to type up my allotment blog page - so here are a few photos to whet your appetite.

The farm track that we use - a bit hard to negotiate in the winter though!

The rhubarb plant that I am forcing for my Scnapps recipe - I wonder if there is 600 grammes yet once it has been trimmed?

From a distance this was just a pile of horse muck, but when I looked very closely it was a thing of beauty - and the toadstalls were hard to spot! They are easy to see when I zoomed in, but I really had to look closely to see them as they were perfectly camouflaged. Aren't they gorgeous?

The rain and the bit of sunshine must have created just the right conditions for fairy toadstalls - and look what I spotted in the tall grass - a pretty primrose.

I think that I will end the day with these memories of today up the allotment. The work I did was hard, it was cold, and it was dull, and it was drizzling - but on such a nothing sort of day - you can always find beauty if you care to look for it!

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