Monday, June 26, 2006

What do you do on a wet Monday?

You haven't seen much of my lovely London Ladies lately have you - so for those of you who enjoy my chickens - and bantams in particular - here are some photos that I took today of them - in the rain. Something to do on a wet Monday.

You rarely see all three girls together these days and Dilly on the left and Freckles on the right, spend most of their time sitting indoors being broody and grumpy.

They make really weird growling type noises when they are in this mood and poor old Pumpkin gets the heave ho in no uncertain terms.

She shrieks at the top of her voice - calling me. I shout out "shush", or "quiet", from the conservatory window, but she doesn't be quiet until I go in and sort out the pecking order. Pat often comes to find me to tell me that Pumpkin is shouting for me !
I go out there to shuffle the girls around so that Pumpkin gets a look in - on this occassion it is Freckles that is 'put out' by my unwelcome interference.

Freckles get sorted and Dilly complains

Peace and harmony


  1. that yellow rump is how my yellow bird is going to look when she or he is grown.

  2. That yellow rump is Pumpkin, my Pekin batam - and she is not at all friendly, and I have a job to catch her and pick her up. But boy does she shriek - well they all do, but thankfully not all at once!

  3. denise t-usa12:10 am

    are the bantam girls cochins? they are so wonderfully fluffy!
    as for the jostaberries...what do they taste like? are they similar to any other berry?
    its too bad you wont be getting the friendly comradery of fellow gardeners as you had hoped for...seems sad to let the garden go like that...not all folks have your fervor for a clean, organized garden...
    my brother has an amazing garden...he really starts it right, and stays ahead of the fella.
    we've had losta rain, and will have more for the coming week, so of course the weeds are going CRAZY out there...i will have to go out an get soaked and dirty this week and weed my lil hands off....i've stayed ontop of the thistle, so that will be one less headache...
    i really should take a clue from you and get in there on a daily basis, so the weeding is less of a chore all at once...

  4. Hello Denise - the bantams are Pekin Bantams and have lovely fluffy feathery legs and feet, and they walk doing a soft shoe shuffle!

    I adopted them from a family in London who sadly could not longer keep them. But they are very much a part of the family now, and real characters!


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