Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dilly, Freckles and Pumpkin - in the hot sunshine

It is too hot to do anything today, and no way will I venture up the allotment. Apart from a bit of hoeing or weeding, there is nothing that can be done in this heat, especially with the ground solid like concrete.

This morning we went to the fisherman's farm and stocked up on salmon, sea bream, sea bass, rainbow trout and smoked mackerel.

My family are here this weekend, so I think I will make salmon baked in a cous cous crust, and have it with salads and new potatoes.

I am going up the allotment later to water my neighbour's runner beans, and to let the chooks out into the meadow - at the moment their extended run which is covered at one end with a shade for about 6 feet or so, and at the other end of the run it is covered with clear plastic, and I have moved the run so that they get dappled shade that end from the trees.

I might pull up the salad things tonight or else in the morning. When picking food from an allotment or even flowers for that matter, it is best to pick first think in the morning or late evening when the plants are more turgid.

I just went out into the garden to see what the bantams are up too - they seem a bit quieter than usual.

There are lots of shady places in their pen to shelter including a big covered dustbath that is big enough for 12 bantams to lay out in.

They seem to be enjoying sunbathing!

Dilly likes playing hide and seek -

- but the others don't want to play, no matter how inventive she gets!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Al, the gardens and lottie are looking good, and the chooks!
    Regarding my herb barrel, yes, I did put all of those plants in,plus 2 oregano plants,and a Gardener's Delight tomato plant!
    It's taking off nicely, I put some gravel around the plants and so far, no losses. It looks like I won't get a tomato off of the gardeners' delight in the barrel, as if all goes smoothly, I will be in Leicestershire before the Autumn! That is if I can find somewhere without an upward chain, (vacant possession) and within my means(not much means LOL!).
    One half of the young couples' parents are coming to have a look around tomorrow afternoon, so have to 'blitz clean' the place again!

    The bumble bees must be happy, as they are still burrowing in tunnels under the barrel, they come out when you mow the lawn, must be the vibrations/noise of the mower.
    Have a nice weekend, hope the family are well.

  2. That is great news Sandie about moving - I hope it all goes smoothly.

    It will be great to be in your new home before Christmas.

    I am having a great time with my baby grandson - he is just off to bed - but soon it will be a new day and time to play again.

  3. some of my hatchery banties are like your. sorry is so hot and dry.

  4. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Kooringa! How lovely to see the bantams are as ahppy as can be in your garden.

    I check your blog now and then to see what you've been up to - it sounds idyllic at the moment with all the flowers out. I am glad that the bay is enjoying it too.

    With love, Clare, Rosie and Phil


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