Friday, June 09, 2006

A few photos of my garden

My garden is looking great and is transforming from it's blues era through to purples, pinks through to burgundy.

Just a few pictures to give you an idea.

I love to leave the pot of chives to flower. The bees literally make a bee-line for it and I could watch them for hours. I have chives dotted around my garden, particularly in 'Nell's' Sensory Garden which is full of plants for all one's senses.

One of my favourite geraniums. Once it has flowered I cut it back harshly and it grow and flowers its little heart out again later.

There were even more flowers on this stem of clematis but I couldn't get them all in.

Angelica standing proud with green balls just about to turn white and huge!

This garden bed in two tiers I call my Aromatherapy Garden. Every single plant is aromatic, either the leaves, or flowers. If only you could smell it. I love nothing better than sitting on the raised bed and breathing in the wonderful perfumes and also every time I go past I just have to pull off a leaf of something and rub it in my hands to release the aroma. I have lots of plants around the garden that are there not just for their flower, but for their perfume.

I bought some white foxgloves last year - and they are just about to bloom and are all pink!

This little baby Rogisera (sp?) that I bought last year has grown into a lovely structural big plant this year.

I do not water my garden - and look what happens - I have a wonderful spike for the first time and do not have a clue what it will look like when it opens.

The grape vine has finally gone into leaf - it doesn't like the dry weather we have been having, but it is just managing to cast a shadow on the pation.

But the wonderful burgundy flowers of this clematis still show up against the pale green leaves of the vine


  1. your flowers are beatiful. i can't wait for the spike to bloom. i think it has white flowers bell shaped that are all up and down the spike. that is what i see here. it is a desert plant that is why it is doing so good.i know the name if i can just remember it.

  2. the spike plant is agave or yucca


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