Monday, June 05, 2006

By Request – My attempt at Bonsai tree growing.

Well here it is…………………..

I have been growing this for a number of years.

It gets a bit neglected, inasmuch as it gets left out in the elements all winter and summer.

I have just given it a hair cut which I do this time each year. I also tell myself that I must water it twice a day, and feed it special food as my son recommended – but invariably I forget, and it seem to thrive on neglect.

I don't know which is it's best profile so you have got it from all angles.

I thought that it had finally been killed for sure this year, as someone near and dear to me, put it in the plastic cold frame together with some empty pots when he decided to tidy up a corner.

So it was not until late March when I got the cold frame out to put plants in, that I discovered the poor little thing, which hadn't had a drink of water since last year!

But it survived yet again.

On the other hand, my son had a few rather nice specimens – and you can guess what’s coming next…….he fed and watered them and they have all died. Maybe it is because his lived indoors all the time.


  1. i alway wanted to try the tree thing but know it takes years and i alway figure i have not got enough years left.

  2. I thought the same, then I figured that I could always pass it to one of my children! LOL

  3. AndreasGarden2:54 am

    What a cute little bonsai! I have always wanted to try one also but I am a little impatient! What kind of tree is it?

  4. Hello andreasgarden thank you for your kind comments.

    I really do not have a clue what tree it is.

    All I know is that it is that is is one that is happy in our climate and sheds it's leaves in Autumn and grows them in summer.

    It withstands frost, snow, and -C degrees, and copes with drought as well.


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