Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Errrrrm..............your words came back to haunt me

Having spent most of the day yesterday clearing out my office, then putting everything back in its place, then taking lots of things to my studio and getting sidetracked and sorting things out there - then spending over two hours up the allotment last night - all of the above carried out in 30c heat, I have to admit that I think I over did it.

I thought I was stronger than I am, as the painkillers are working a bit on the shingles at last, but not well enough to give me total pain relief, just a short spell now and again LOL

When I woke up and got up I was really faint, so went back to bed - like a sensible old woman for once - well it at last tipping it down with rain so there was nothing I could do anyway.

It is now 11.30am and still raining. Silly me is still weak and wobbly, so a sensible and sitting down day it is for me today.

I might just potter a bit at home, some plants need potting up into bigger pots, but I will see if I get a surge of strength back to do that first.

Methinks it was the heat wave that did it really - not me overworking otherwise you can say, 'We told you so'. He he

Egg news

I was just adding yesterday's egg totals and realised I hadn't posted them on here lately if anyone is interested.

I have had KoKKo, Adelaide and Ginger for 222 days and in that time up to yesterday they have laid a total of 537 eggs

My adopted bantams Dilly, Pumpkin and Freckles I have now had for 89days and they have laid a total of 131 eggs.

It is strange because Dilly was the first one to lay any eggs and but she has now laid the least with only 28 eggs. Freckles has laid 42. and Pumpkin the last and reluctant layer has been laying consistently ever day since the other two went broody and she has laid 61 eggs.

It reminded me of the Hare and the Tortoise story. Dilly was off straight away, and Pumpkin was the slow one. Dilly ran out of eggs quickly, Freckles was going great guns and ran out of 'steam' too. But good old Pumpkin, got off to a slow start but came out the winner in the end!

I can see in my 'minds eye' quite vividly, all three bantams lining up at the start line dressed in running shorts, wearing vests the colour of their feathers - Dilly in lavender, Freckles, in a black vest with ginger spots, and Pumpkin in a bright orange vest!

Hmm I am having a funnier turn today than I thought!

Just off to the Starter's dias with my starting pistol!


  1. Well, they do say ,'use it or lose it'but, haven't heard one that says,'If you've lost it, you'll get it back double quick and better than before' LOL!
    I'd never say I told you so, 'cos I do exactly the same!

    It's much fresher up here today, though still quite humid.
    Enjoy your easier day!

  2. Jesse1:53 pm

    LOL that did make me laugh about the chickens! Enjoy your easier day today, looks like it's going to rain again here too.

  3. Wow. Your Norfolk lasses are just egg-laying machines! I used to chuckle a bit when I first discovered your blog, shortly after you got K, A, & G, because I thought you spoiled them rotten. Just chickens, after all. But now I see how they've repaid your kindness, I may have to start cooking up a nice hot bit of mash for my girls on cold winter mornings, as well. :)

  4. hope you feel better tomorrow. hope the chickens keep laying and not setting.


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