Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A day off for good behaviour - no allotment news

Thanks for all your lovely messages. I have just got back home having been to Bedfordshire to see my sons, daughter in law and grandson.

I was going to spend today spraying my studio, but did the sensible thing and had a day off. We travelled last night and had a whole day with the family. Gary did a great BBQ and Haruko did a wonderful lunch, and all the preparations of course!

OH and myself had a lovely walk into town with baby in the pushchair - more sights and sounds to amaze and delight him. Whilst it does make a pleasant change to walk around an old town, I much prefer spending my twilight years in the country with hardly any traffic.

Younger son is off to Barcelona tomorrow for the weekend - what a wonderful city that is. How much he and his friends will actually see of the city I do not know, as they are going to a music festival. What type of music I do not know either, my son said that he doesn't know himself as it was all in Spanish!

So long as the sun shines they are bound to have a great time.

I am putting my feet up today and depending on the weather - depends what I do tomorrow - but if it is of any interest I will share it with you.


  1. glad you had a good visit.

  2. Glad you are having a bit ofa rest chuck!

  3. They say a change is also as good as a rest! So I think you got double points yesterday! lol!
    Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

    I've got a busy weeekend. Packing, catching up on housework, but on Sunday, all being well, I am going to David Austin Roses in Warickshire on Sunday with my sister and one of her friends.
    I'll try and remember to take my camera, it's usually a lovely place at this time of the year, with lovely laid out grounds and of course, lovely roses to buy!
    David Austins' daughter has a nursery near by, selling ? unusual plants, we might find time to go there too!

    Have a great weekend, catch up with you next week.

  4. When the sun rises, I go to work.
    When the sun goes down I take my rest,
    I dig the well from which I drink,
    I farm the soil which yields my food,
    I share creation, Kings can do no more.
    - Chinese Proverb, 2500 B.C.

    Hope you feel better chuck!
    What an inspiration you are!

  5. Thanks again for your lovely comments and words of support.

    Great to hear from you all.


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