Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Love Thursdays

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time at home – I have a garden to look after here, my willow arch needed pruning too, I made bread and lots of other goodies, and in the evening went up the allotment, with the help of under gardener, watered the tomatoes and pumpkins, cucumber and courgettes. I also disbudded the tomato plants and tied them higher up the stakes as they had grown – all of which took an hour and a half.

Today I spent four hours up there – harvesting mainly. Redcurrants, rhubarb, gooseberries, and a few strawberries for tea.

Tonight I have been cutting them up, or topping and tailing those that needed doing and spending hours picking of each little red currant, weighing and vacuum packing them, and I have just got another pound or two to do, and to pop into the freezer.

I am whacked! I also rotorvated an area of Mikes allotment to cheer him up and give him a bit of encouragement. He has some onions and leeks he wants to plant.

Tomorrow I will take some photos and put on here so you can see why I am so busy.

Must dash and finish off the last of the goosegogs – then a wonderful shower, feet up, and rest before bed.....

Oh I forgot to mention why I love Thursdays - its our wicked 'junk food' day or our equivalent.

Home made oven wedges with our own potatoes, two wonderful eggs from the chooks, and rare breed bacon and my home made sausages (Firecrackers today) made from rare breed pork.

And 'the golfer' had his absolutely best round of golf he has ever played in his life today.


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  1. glad you are getting a harvest, glad oh got his good game. it rained here today and the banties didn't pile up and die so i am of good cheer.


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