Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hi everyone – did I sound like a grumpy old woman when I mentioned the weeds. Apologies if it came across that way – when I was typing it, it wasn’t ‘saying’ it that way.

Since I have been up there before this current season, I have been unlucky inasmuch as the plots either side of me and four of five along from me have been full of weeds, not tiny weeds but over an acre of weeds as tall as me – and even taller. Really mean and tough weeds. So much so that I have had clouds of thistles seeds blow across from all directions like snow – also dock, and other seeds that I don’t even know the name of. My plot was like it too when I took it over, plus it was covered in so much rubbish hidden in the forest of weeds, and about 40 or so full sized carpets, rubber and so much else. So it has been and still is one long battle to keep on top of them (weeds). There must be millions of seeds over the plots and they grow really quickly and if you don’t get them when they are a foot high their roots grow down so deeply that it is a real job to dig them up. Hence my excitement at the news that all those plots were going to be taken over by ‘keen’ gardeners. So I thought all my Christmases had come at once.

I do understand that a couple of them work and of course everyone can’t and wouldn’t even want to spend as much time up the allotment as I do – I’m bonkers!!!!

But I did think that maybe they might spend a couple of hours during the week after work as we have had such lovely weather and so little rain – and that maybe I would see some of them at the weekend now and again. And hopefully learn something from them, exchange tips. That’s all.

My next door plot holder Mike and his wife work and I see them now and again, and they have strimmed all their weeds and it looks great. I have helped out and Pat too, and we always encourage them and praise them on the good job they are doing. Ditto anyone else I see. Mike is just going to cultivate a small patch this year, and strim or mow the rest to keep it under control. Then next year when he is retired, he will cut out beds and grass it the same as me - or just have one great big grassed area.

There will always be plots with tall weeds – that is the nature of our allotments – they are huge, and whilst they can be split into two or three, people who have had them for years are reluctant to share – ‘why should they when they have had them for so long, often passed down from a relative’. They are so cheap too, so naturally they think it is worth it – even if it is only used to store tractors etc.

But this year is the best that I have ever seen them. Maybe the past two years, and now in my third season, that I have been there, and have been getting my plot in order, might have had a bit of an impact on the men up my end? It could be male pride that some ‘up top’ are cultivating theirs more this year, as I now see that some bean supports are up for the first time! If an ‘old’ woman on her own can do it….. LOL

I just had a wander up the track yesterday for a break and noticed the plots – and just wondered why they looked ‘abandoned’ again, after looking great when they were all ploughed. – Just something to write about as well too I guess.

There is lots to write about of my exploits today though - but it might have to be tomorrow now!


  1. I would be very grumpy too. It's said that one weed seeding means seven years' weeding and I believe it. I am still fighting thistles that have grown rampant ever since I had to be away for work the summer of '99 and they all went to seed.

  2. Hmm that means that they will still be growing in then next century - and that is only the ones that have seeded since I have been there.

    Still - makes life interesting I guess.

  3. claire morgan7:15 pm

    Loving reading about your allotment and chickens! I have chickens in my tiny garden..would love to grow my own veg but simply not enough room!

  4. Thank you so much Claire - just for you I have put on some photos of my three girls on holiday all summer long up the allotment.

    Hope you like them


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