Monday, June 05, 2006

Friday the 2nd June's work up the allotment

I don’t really know where to start after having the weekend away, it seems ages since I spent over four hours last Friday up the allotment!

Well the best thing to do is to just add the photos and type up what I can remember doing.

I spent hours on here yesterday (Monday) but the blogger kept giving me a message that it was busy and to try later! I gave up in the end. I tried at different times late afternoon and evening.

You might think that allotment has shrunk as it looks a lot smaller - that is because my camera case, hanging down, obliterated a lot of the photos. But I did rescue some and cropped them. But if you see a bit of grey, that is the remaining bit of camera case!

The strawberries that I rescued needed some TLC, so here they are in their new bed, which I re-made.

It is not posh like the ones you men have made on your plots – but it is posh for the likes of us country bumpkins up the field.

The white you can see is shredded paper – an experiment to see if it is better or worse than straw.

I did quite a bit of rotorvating, as it was easier than digging as the silly shingles is still playing up, and bending is quite frankly excruciating, whereas with the rotorvator it still was, but was quicker!

So after digging up any dock weeds that had grown over the winter, I set too and rotorvated it all with my big machine. I then went over it with my little Mantis, and finally I raked the area that is to be the grass path.

I sowed the grass seeds, and hopefully before long, I will have a wide path beside the beds to make it easier to mow, and I shall add one the other end of this bed big bed too.

Since being poorly, it has made me realise that I am not the strong fit 18 year old I was, so I am going to be sensible (just for once) and divide the whole plot up into manageable sized beds with wide grass paths. That way, not only will crop rotation be simpler, I can also cover up one complete bed if things get too much for me to cope with and the plot will still look good.

-Well that is the cunning plan!

Here are a few shots of how it is looking now, having hoed and weeded everywhere!

This is the view the chickens have from their meadow

I hoed and weeded between the potatoes and they are really getting big now and the white flowers are in full bloom. Might dig some up this weekend and see what is there

On my hands and knees I weeded between the onions - but they look good so it was worth it.

I am especially proud of my new double width (but seperated inside) compost bin - you can't see it all, there is more to the left of it! I am hoping that it will be big enough to last through the summer - but I have my doubts.


  1. denise...usa3:20 pm

    ok, i know how much produce comes from my smallish garden...and i cant eat it all, we bring loads into our workplace and give away (will be doing that with 17 chickens worth of eggs too no doubt) but lottie, what the heck(very american...that) do you do with all those onions, potatoes and beans??? i mean even with freezing, ect. just how much does one couple EAT?!? ;o)

  2. Well - you might think that with all the food I grow and cook that I am built like a tank - whereas I am a UK size 10.

    I grew far more potatoes last year and family and neighbours had some - and although we stored a lot over winter, we did in fact run out, so have had to buy some for the past few months - and they do not taste anywhere near as nice as the ones we grow.

    Onions - I store over winter and I use lots in all my recipes too. Our family visits uses up quite a few too, and all the sauces etc that I make and freeze or make and bottle uses up a lot. And I make my own sausages and burgers too!

    Beans - well we do eat lots of runner beans and french beans and haricot and barlotti beans - again in all sorts of recipes and they get frozen and will also get dried too this year - and one again family benefit from them too.

    I also donate to grandchildren's school fetes, village fetes, table sales, charity fundraisers too.

    Just wait until you see what I am planting out later - too hot at the moment.

    By 'eck tis a lot! (Country bumpkin English very!) LOL

  3. Hi Al,
    Glad to have you back!Did you have a relaxing,enjoyable time? I hope so, you deserved it!
    Lottie is looking good, the spuds and onions especially so. I wonder how my onions and garlic are doing on my old lottie...aaahhh.

    Bonsai! (bless you!)what is the bonsai? cotoneaster? escallonia? can't make it out from the photos.

    I'm going to add some more to my blog in a little while, that is, if it isn't playing up!

    Oh, dare I mention that I've accepted (preliminary) an offer on the house? Almost the full asking price. And... guess what swayed them? the gardens! (even though they are not in the best of condition. So fingers crossed and hope I can find somewhere, as I don't fancy renting.

  4. Hats off to you Al....your plot is looking great!.. Very impressed with the onions and the spuds, as I have just spent all weekend (well it seems like it anyway) getting mine to a similar state of tidiness, so I know how hard it is to be hand weeding on your knees.

    I'm a bumpkin at heart too, having been raised on a farm. Now I hate absolutely hate living in town, but around here you need a big lottery win to be able to afford anything in the villages where I grew up.

  5. Thanks for all your lovely compliments and comments.

    I don't know where you live greenmantle but I do hope the lottery comes up for you so you can get your place in the country.

    I have given up even wishing it comes up for me - well of dear beloved as I don't do it!

    So I'll just keep on growing things on my ramshackle allotment, and live happily ever after he he

    Sandie - good news on the house front - phew that is a relief - I was getting cramp keeping my fingers crossed for you

    Haven't a clue what the little tree is. It is an English one - as it lives outside on my garden - which I thought was the best and most natural place for it, and it loses its leaves all winter.

    If anyone knows - do tell!

    The weekend was OK thanks. Nothing to write home about. Still full of stupid shingles - but I am trying an experiment to stop taking all the tablets and see if it makes any difference. Six weeks now since I got it! So far I feel worse LOL, but I am determined to kick it into touch. Mind over matter?

    Off to bed to sleep hopefully!

  6. i am coming for new potatoes, we will scrap the skin off roll in corn meal and fry until golden brown , ar. food


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