Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Well I am still 'here' and have a new family!

First the boring bit, I am still suffering from the Bursa, so I can't walk far and still in pain.  On the positive side, the breath is still going in and out, so all's right with the world!  I have had another procedure at the hospital, "a really big ouch!" but it still hasn't worked.  So I am trying to keep myself perky, and what better way than buying some new little girls, after dear old Dolly popped her clogs!

Freckles looked so sad and lonely on her own, and my heart went out to her!
They have already found their way in to the delapidated old fruit cage, and are "cleaning up" all the black currants that didn't make it to the freezer.

At the minute they are like cheeky boisterous teenagers having fun and getting up to mischief! I can sit and look at them for hours!

Talking of sitting, I had an appointment at the hospital for another "procedure" to try and fix the bursa (after a nasty fall whilst working in the garden and catching my foot in some net fencing over a year ago.")

I have been spending hours every day religiously doing my physiotherapy exercises without fail!
I had all my hopes pinned on this (2nd) jab, so that I can get back to working in the garden, and trying to make some changes, and to be able to drive again!
No change yet, but I live in hope.
I had my heart set on making some changes in the garden, and having a dedicated Country Garden, in front of the studio shed,  fenced off! with a gate, so that I can sit in my sit in my 'studio shed' and look out onto a country cottage little garden, so that I can watch the chooks safely free ranging, collect cutting flowers from a dedicated area, for flower arranging, hopefully have a veggie patch and spend time just daydreaming!   I love my studio shed, I flower arrange in there, do a bit of arty crafty "stuff", and just sit and daydream looking out of the window, and not being smothered in my special thick suncream!

Talking of daydreaming, I was sitting in there this week, thinking back to my childhood and the walled village I lived in.


I wish the photo was in colour!  It was beautiful, and there were huge flower beds and dozens of gardens.  I spent ages chatting to the gardeners, they were lovely.  I always remembered them after I grew up and left.  I think that is where the 'seed' was sown in me for growing "food", flowers, shrubs!
Here's my dream 'cottage today' in the rain!

Thanks for visiting.  I'll start updating this again regularly!

I'll be back soon!


  1. Oh Lottie, so sorry to hear that you are still in pain. I do hope your new girls take your mind away from the bursa and that very soon your day dreams turn into reality. Sending you big hugs and healing vibes. X

  2. Have you tried acupuncture? just a thought.xxx

  3. Thank you both so much for 'remembering' me after such a long time not posting.

    Sandie, thanks so very much for that. I did have acupuncture one by my doctor, and twice up the hospital, the last one was 'guided' via a machine. It was absolutely excruciating last time! It was "scan led", and I was so hopeful of it working. The lovely nurse that was assisting was very sweet and I chatted to her to try and distract myself. She was so kind, and said that I could squeeze her hand as hard as I liked and she could "take it". She had lots of lovely tattoos on her arms and I tried to distract myself by chatting a bit. This time around I didn't get any local anesthetic and it brought me to tears! I'm not a wimp but it was excruciating! The consultant was very kind too, and after he had finished he said that it might not work!!!!


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