Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chicken chat

 After all the rain we had a couple of hours of sunshine today
 The chooks made the most of it sunbathing, whilst I did the monthly Peckingham Palace clean out.
 It took me an hour or so, then it rained again, so the chooks rushed back in and spent the rest of their day spreading the bedding around.
And of course, scratching for seeds and corn which I threw in to keep them occupied later.

I just love their covered run - it was worth every penny.  It means that right throughout the winter months, in rain, hail, and deep snow, they can keep nice and dry and clean, and most importantly happy, and warm. And have the best of both worlds running in and out to make the best of the weather.   And oh how happy they are when the sun shines in the winter, lying on their sides in their mini 'sauna' soaking up the sunshine and chilling out.