Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland Garden

Here in Norfolk we have been snowed in.
(click photos to enlarge)
We have had 22.5cms/9inches of snow
It does look beautiful - but I couldn't even get out into the village, to get a newspaper!
My studio looks like a Swiss chalet !
The temperature overnight we expected to be -9c but it actually was -12c
I am off indoors and will be taking the next photos sitting in my garden room which you can see in this photo above,
It's nice to be back in the warm.   The chooks are happy in Peckingham Palace which you can just see.  They've got fresh water - the drinker was frozen this morning so they had a replacement of slightly warm water.  Mixed corn and veggies today for them to keep them warm inside - and they were happily scratching about in the Hemcore bedding in the run searching for it!  Then when full they all flew up into the perches for a doze - so cute.

I checked for eggs and there were two - one must have been laid late afternoon yesterday and it was frozen solid and had cracked - the other was toasty warm.  Once indoors the frozen one thawed out and the crack closed up!

We are due more snow so Mr Lottie and I will be hibernating indoors - we have plenty of library  books, and with food in the freezers we'll not starve!

It's wonderful to be in the snug and warm whilst having this lovely view to look out on.