Saturday, July 11, 2015

Thank you for your lovely comments............

Well I am now happy and come to the conclusion that I have made the right decision about giving up my allotment in October.

I had a very nasty fall almost three months ago and am still suffering from a bursa on my hip where I 'impaled' ,myself on a sawn off conifer branch (in the garden hedge)!  How silly was that!  So the decision was made for me really!

It convinced me that I have enough fruit bushes, and strawberry plants to keep us in fruit supplies most (if no all) of the winter!  I have some raised beds for next year's potatoes and other veggies,  and the fruit cage is absolutely bursting with strawberries, blackcurrants, and rhubarb!   I have already made lots and lots of jams, and am still freezing the fruit for winter!  When I can scrounge a lift from Mr Lottie,  I have gooseberry bushes groaning with fruit ready to be picked, (hopefully not already been picked by other humans up there, but hoping that the netting will deter them!)

So I'll be back as soon as I can with any further news I hope!  Thanks for popping in to see me!


  1. Oh Lottie, Take care and no more falling... especially with impaling... Not good... like I need to tell you. ha ha ha. Take care and enjoy those jams and fruits. Sounds yummy.
    My Felix wants to know when I am going to make Papa some more jam so he can share with him. lol Boy loves Apricot freezer jam.
    Take care, XO April

  2. Hope you are feeling much better now.
    It's great that you can still grow veggies and fruit in your own garden though.
    I've not been 'on the ball' this year and even the beans haven't been planted out. There won't be much of a harvest from this garden this year. I need to fence off the hens, they are digging everything up and dust baths are everywhere!
    Take care,

  3. Do hope you keep blogging - I was glad to see you back.

  4. Hi Lottie, sorry to hear all your news - I haven't been blogging myself since I started going out to work again.

    I have started back though with a new interest -- no chickens, but woodturning - who'd have thunk it eh!?

    Best wishes from all of us - Jo will drop you an email over the weekend to catch up.



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