Friday, November 04, 2011

What a cheek!

I was just finishing posting on my blog when my husband shouted 'Oi' - something had landed with a thunk on top of the roof where he was sitting and giving him the beady eye!
Can you see who is tapping on the window?
It's none other than........

Zola Buddy Bantam - her namesake was a runner who always ran barefoot.
She obviously thought that it was time her and the others got fed.
The clocks have gone back - so the bantams queue up outside the door at 3.45pm now - which in their body clock is their usual feeding time of 4.45pm
Gozzie - who is a black Rosecomb bantam has the habit of sitting on the windowsill and tapping on the window to tell us that they want feeding.  She also does it when we are eating too!

This is a new trick for Zola!   I'll have to clip her wings again.
I called her down when I went out...

And she flew right across the lawn, almost to where their run is - in an attempt to get to the food first!
Cheeky thing.