Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Busy day in the garden before the rains come.....

We are due wet weather this week, so I have made the most of a windy day to get as much as I could manage, done in the garden today.

 The fruit cage badly needed weeding. 
 The path has become smothered in nettles and chickweed
 Dandelions were establishing themselves in the beds
 I have never seen such a luscious 'crop' of chickweed!
 Even the strawberries have gone 'mad' so I had to get it sorted asap

I weeded the beds and in this one I planted winter cabbage.
Tiny I know, but they'll soon grow - fingers crossed
A few hours later I had weeded the paths
I dug out all the weeds from the beds too.
It was hard work digging it all by myself - but the end result is worth it.
Here it is finished.  I cleaned out the chickens and used the Hemcore for the paths.
Over the winter I will add more.  It 'disappears' over the winter as the worms seem to take it down into the ground.   This year I will add it to the beds as well as it really enriches the soil.
And here are the ladies who provide the enriched Hemcore for me.
They've spread the bedding out for me - and there is not a feather in sight.
How long for I wonder?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Now you see you don't......

I made this willow arch many years ago, but trimming it three times in a summer was getting to much for me to manage on my own - so I made the reluctant decision to........

 Get my gardener to give it the chop!
 I have had to hire a gardener to help with all the pruning this year
And to do some landscaping of the gardens out the front for me, it's all getting a bit too much.
I loved the big English Country Garden flower beds, and all the shrubs in the front - but they have to go - too high maintenance for me to cope with.  So it'll be just lawns.  Never mind, I still have lots to do in the back garden that I can cope with.

Pictures from the garden last week

 I mowed the lawns again - the grass growing is slowing down thank goodness
 The frost hasn't yet spoilt this pineapple plant - isn't it delicate.
 I love the way this Rubeckia almost 'shouts' 'Look at me!'  It's strains to reach out and get your attention!
The woodland border positively glows this time of year

 The ice plants are HUGE
 The Alstromeria are looking red hot and flowering again
After being chopped down to the ground a month or so ago.

Must dash - more to do in the garden