Monday, March 17, 2014

Hours - He:3 Me:3

Well at last we have kicked off a new year up the allotment.  Mr Lottie has been very ill for a couple of years so posts and activity has been minimal.  Now thanks to life-saving surgery last year, he has bounced back and is getting fitter all the time.  So today it was pure joy to have him with me, making a start on the allotment.
 This is what it looked like before I started digging it over

Three hours later it looks so much better
Mr Lottie dug out all the weeds along the fence and we moved the heavy rubber 'path' over right to the edge.  I did make sure that he didn't dig up the daffodils - they look so pretty.
Meanwhile I dug over the bed and made the troughs for the potatoes
Started weeding the rest of the patch
but my back gave up before I could finish
We covered up  the weeded area to keep it clean
over the summer as I am growing more stuff at home now.
But I still have a big area to dig over in readiness for the squash -
which is twice as big as the above!