Saturday, July 30, 2011

I have worked myself to a standstill

OK, I know, I am far to old to be doing the heavy work that I could do in my younger years!
I worked so hard yesterday, lots of heavy lifting of concrete slabs and laying them behind my garden studio to make a path and access so that I can paint it in the Autumn.

Then all the work up the allotment - I intended to have a rest today honestly!

But after the disappointment of not having the floor laid yesterday, I decided to do something to take my mind off it and created the start of 'Kath's Garden' around the sun room.
I dug out a trench and made a 'proper' flower bed with yellow chrysanthemums either end - they'll look lovely late summer, and there are lavender interspersed with saxifrage - sun lovers.

Unfortunately alongside the walls was a dumping ground for all the rubble, so I had quite a task digging it all out (it was hidden under soil).  I replaced it with new soil mixed with well rotted farmyard manure and along that side I planted penstemons, lupins, Selenium, and a tall Lobelia.  In fact all these will be lovely tall plants in shades of reds, blues, purple, and sunshine yellow, which should flower late summer and look a treat.

The soil where the fish pond was will sink over winter, so as a temporary measure I put down paving slabs just so that I could move my table and sunshade up this corner for a different view of the garden.
In September I'll be raking over the soil again, stamping it down, raking yet again and sowing grass seed.

But for now this will be my view from the shade of the umbrella.  
I hope to be having my breakfast here on warm days, and lots of lunches and teas
It's a perfect corner to sit, and watch, and chill out - and maybe even sketch!
These photos were taken at 9pm tonight - just before dusk.

I ache for England but it is so worth it - I would be aching anyway to a lesser degree.

Mr Lottie has ordered me to rest all day tomorrow.

If I don't feel too bad, I intend to pressure wash the chairs that go with the table, and to give the big table and little coffee table a coat of stain - all  before it is time to cook  a Sunday Roast lunch


  1. You need a rest. A very busy time for us gardeners at the moment.

    Have a good relax tomorrow and tell us all about your delicious sunday lunch on Monday!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. The garden is looking good - you deserve a medal for all your hard work.

  3. You can't keep a good woman down!
    Some days you feel you just have to get everything done!

    Have a great week!

    Sandie xx

  4. Hi Lottie, you definately deserve a medal for all the hard work you keep putting in. Your garden looks lovely. I hope you've managed to get a rest today and not over done it. I bet you can't wait to get your garden room finished. Take care love and Hugs x ChrisB


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