Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Shhh - it's a secret

Lottie went to flower arranging to day - all day - and had a lovely time, and she'll take photos and post about it tomorrow.

I couldn't wait though to say 'Hello, my name is Maudie' and Auntie Lottie has adopted me.
Mr Lottie doesn't now yet - and Auntie has been very naughty as she said she wouldn't adopt me.

But at flower arranging today, she got talking to my grandma, who told her that I was an orphan, all on my own, and that I wasn't able to get a new friend.

So Auntie Lottie said, 'If you can get here in  a box by the end of flower arranging, she would take me home'

So here I am.  When it gets dark, Auntie Lottie is going to put me in with my new friends - or if not tonight then tomorrow.

She is hoping that Mr Lottie doesn't notice an extra chicken and she might get told off!  But it's too late now, and Mr Lottie loves Auntie Lottie, and I'll just win him over like all the others have.  After all, one day she smuggled in four girls and he didn't notice for a couple of days!

I have been having a lovely time in Auntie's fruit and veggie patch.  I pecked some lovely cabbage leaves, but she doesn't mind as she has more and shares them with the other chickens anyway.  I found some blackcurrants - some were a bit dry - but there were some nice juicy blueberries that Auntie didn't notice - or if she did, they won't be there next time she looks!
I might even lay him a egg if I am feeling happy.


  1. Well, you are a lucky hen!
    Pat will be talking to you and giving you bits of his meals in no time, just mingle with the others and he might not notice straight away!

    Sandie xx

  2. just keep your head down for a few days and then just wander out like you have always lived there. But I am sure your beauty will win him over.xx

  3. What a lucky hen!

    Absoulutely beautiful you are too!


  4. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Hey Maudie, eat all the blueberries except one. I'm sure Auntie will appreciate your thoughtfulness. LOL



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