Friday, July 22, 2011

Allotment Diary 2011 Me: 59 hrs He: 55hrs ....cont

No builders, no electrician, no body here today so we were free to go up the allotment.

What a shock - two weeks ago these beds were weed free!

This dreaful weed started appearing on our allotments down one end a few  years ago. and since then it has spread rapidly each year at this time of the year and no-one knows that it is called

So our primary mission today was to weed out as much of it was we could.

And to pick some cauliflowers and one of the cabbages

This is how the perfect and weed free potato bed looks today.

We dug out every single weed two weeks ago.  Interestingly there are no thistles or any of the other thugs we dug out - just this weird unnamed weed.  We didn't have enough time or energy to tackle this bed today

So two hours later the difference is quite dramatic

I was rewarded with a nice first crop of courgettes and squash

With more to come in the future in this lovely weeded bed where the early potatoes were.

And this squash is on the compost heap

And it has grown dramatically in just a couple of weeks of rain

I wish I had taken a 'before' photo of the rhubarb bed - you couldn't see the rhubarb for weeds
We  had a nice harvest to bring home - a small trug of new potatoes, two cauliflowers, and the first of our cabbages.


  1. Do you have a close-up of the weed? Is this it?

  2. Tanya - thank you - that's the little devil

  3. You're welcome Lottie and thanks for stopping by Lovely Greens as well :)

  4. Beautiful Cabbage and not a hole in it!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished Conservatory! Quite green with envy!

  5. had to laugh at as I posted my last comment, the authorisation code was 'weeding' lol!!!

  6. What a handsome cabbage. I am surprised that you don't mulch the squash bed, surely that would inhibit the weeds? I used shredded paper on mine! I have the whitest bed on the site :-) I got quite a bit of fat hen still but the rest was quite well smothered. Just a thought...
    Those spuds look great, I think I plant my maincrop too early they are already almost completely died off! But I am a bit further south! Earlies all scoffed, I am on the 2nd Rosabelles and they are crackers! Happy gardening!


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