Friday, July 08, 2011

Arghhh builders! Garden room days 6, 7, 8

Well the builders disappeared off the face of the earth after day 5.  No phones, no reply to messages zero.  When I did managed to track him down (not the lovely hardworking workers, the person that is owner of the company).   I was told that the bricklayer would be coming towards the end of the following week.  Fibber.  A phone call last Friday - and I caught the builder at home - no apology, nothing!  It should have been finished in three weeks according to him when we decided to go ahead.  that was an even bigger fib!   I hate it when people take advantage of me cos I am nice and friendly and polite.  But the worm can turn - and will - it's the red hair!
I moved a couple of armchairs out of our conservatory just to see where the new settee will go.  It'll look nothing like these

The lovely bricklayer turned up Monday and got 'stuck in'

He used up the bricks and breeze blocks and had to get some more.  This was newly laid turf last year, I do so hope it recovers

End of the day Tuesday - insulation to go in and the breeze block inner walls need to be completed

Thursday late morning all ready for the framework for the roof and windows to go on.  The builder is at his home in France again for two weeks - been over there every other week - how the rich do live.  Keeping fingers crossed they come early next week - but haven't been told.  


  1. You must be so annoyed - I certainly would be. And look at the mess they made of your lawn...that probably will have to be replaced. Builders!

  2. How can they get away with simply not turning up? That is disgraceful!

    Hope all is resolved soon.

    Shame about the lawn..

    Hope today is a good one for you.

    Martin :0)

  3. I'm sure the grass will recover, spike it and put some 'aftercut' on it, we certainly haven't been short of rain latley, so hopefully it will grow well again.

    Have a great weekend.

    Sandie xx

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your photos. I used to garden in a big way, but have come down now to a box of lettuce outside my kitchen door and two tomato plants. Your descriptions of working your allotment lets me vicariously "garden" right along with you!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Blimey - what's going on here then missus!? I don't visit for a little while and you go and start building a mansion!?

    I don't doubt with yours and his green fingers you'll get everything sorted as usual!

    Try not to stress out too much you two,


  6. Oh that makes me so cross! It's why I'm always so worried about getting people in.... Having said that, when they're there they appear to be doing a very nice job! Let's hope it is finished soon :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx


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