Thursday, July 07, 2011

Allotment Diary 2011 Me: 56.5 hrs He: 52.5hrs ....cont

So I mowed

The heavens opened and I mowed in the pouring rain, soaked to the skin literally

Half an hour later you'd never know it rained

Not a pretty site, but emergency actions - I picked 4 large carrier bags full of broad beans, and Mr L helped me pull up all the plants.  Because of all the rain forecast we did a quick weed of the plot area but it needs digging over where the broad beans were - so to avoid a jungle growing, we have covered it, and weighted down the plastic with the nearest heavy 'stuff'.   In our defence another heavy downfall was just starting and we had been working for over three hours and I was shattered

Some red potatoes not ready yet, and onions - not a good crop due to the drought conditions

More lawns and paths now mowed, we just have to keep it under control and the weeds grow so fast. 
The covered bed in the foreground is the only way I can keep in control of the huge plot - its were the potatoes will go next year.
Grass now mowed and weeds pulled and it filled up a compost bin!

I added a few more courgette plants, and headed wearily home.  
I have been busy in the garden too - more of that another time.

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  1. Phew!
    My veg are very slow growing this year, thebeans are barely knee high, 2nd lot of courgettes sown as the 1st ones were eaten or didn't even get to seedlings!
    I sowed spring onions,radish beetroot and carrots...the beetroot are up, no spring onions,1carrot and one radish just growing.
    Now the tomatoes...well I've a mini forest of those!

    Hope they pick up soon, this is one year I'm in need of the veg!

    Hope you're having a quieter weekend?

    Sandie xx
    Sandie xx


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