Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garden Room Day 10

They started taking out the patio door today and we heard a bit of a squeal!

We had told the builder that we had cavity wall insulation - but the information hadn't been passed on to the lads!

We could all just stand there helplessly watching it cascade out onto the floor without being able to stop it.  On the plus side, we are a bungalow so once it had all drained out from the gable wall it gradually stopped.  Have you ever had an experience with the mini foam balls?  You can't sweep them up, any breath of air and they fly all around the room, and they are really full of static!  Mr Lottie and the 'workers' all set to trying to clear them up.  We couldn't use our little vacuum cleaner as it's one with a bag inside and it would have filled up packets of replacement bags which we didn't have!   The men were telling us some funny stories about mishaps with this form of insulation - one of the funniest was when a patio door was being installed on a windy day, and as you can't stem the flow of balls, they flew all over the garden - and neighbouring gardens.  On the positive side we at least had the garden room, and the door closed so were able to contain them.  Sadly the day finished on a downside.  All was going smoothly, the glass in all the windows and the French doors to the extension were fitted smoothly, and look a treat.  But (oh why does there always seem to be a big 'but' in things we have done) - they installed the French doors in place of the patio door, and the doors were supposed to open out and flat against the walls either side; the frame being fitted on the outside of the wall, to avoid the doors 'smacking' against the wall either side if it were fitted inset as patio doors are.  Yes you've guessed it, they fit inside, and even if they move the door frame to the very outside edge, the doors are so big that they will hit the outside walls and not lay flat. So we will lose a metre of space on both sides - which is a lot in a small room, and one door will obstruct a heater and there is no other place it will go!   The 'boss' is back from his other house in France and is due to pay us a visit tomorrow - watch this space - it's bound to all end in tears! He, of course was the one who did all the measuring and ordering.  Hey ho!


  1. Not funny really is it? I would not want to be in that builders' shoes tomorrow!
    Good luck!

    Sandie xx

  2. Oh no x2!!! You sound really calm about it - I think I'd have gone mental! Wish I could be a fly on the wall when the boss gets back! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx


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