Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today in my garden......

Things are progressing slowly.  I cheered up the building site with some lavender plants - netted to keep the pigeons, and chooks off until they take root.

The unusal weather this year has created havoc in the garden.  The deep snow killed off some plants, the hot summer weather in spring meant that my spring and summer plants and shrubs were all in flower at the same time!

But I still have some pockets of colour.  I have some perfumed Stargazer lilies dotted here and there and due to flower soon

It's my 'shades of red' season in the garden

Some of my hardy fuschias have survived

This bush is positively dripping with them

The 'green row' but will full of colour soon with Cosmos - there's one Japanese basil plant in the pot second from the right - near enough to my door to grab some for lunch

Don't these just make you smile?

These are in Maxine's garden bed - with lilies and other plants due to flower later
I took the garden photos this evening when it was drizzling with rain.  The bantam babes had had their evening meal and were in a nice quiet tranquil mood, just chilling out and quietly 'cooing' to each other, winding down at the end of the day!


  1. My chicken fix! Thank you.
    The Japanese Basil, does it taste like the 'regular' Basil or is it entirely different?
    The leaves look huge on your photo.

    Sandie xx

  2. Thank you for your comments Sandie - the Japanese Basil has big serrated leaves which are slightly 'furry' on the tongue and it has a very strong flavour - nice in cooking

  3. Bantams and garden just as beautiful as always!

    Martin :0)


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