Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Room Day 10

At last - progress is romping away now.

My goodness the thickness of the roof panes was a shock

How those men managed to carry them and lift them up onto the roof amazed me, and they got 'whacked' in with a very sophisticated tool - a long lump of wood!

Bluebell couldn't wait for them to go home - then she flew through the door for a look around.  Yes a very clever bantam, as she knew the glass hadn't been put into the windows or french doors yet.

She stood looking out of the door at the others with a rather superior look on her face!

Thank goodness for the workers a duller day today.

Tomorrow - doors and windows to be glazed, patio door coming out, french doors going in.  Electrician coming to do the wiring, and a builder coming to put up the plasterboard.  Thursday the plan is that the plasterer will do all the walls, the builder will lay the pipes and extend the soakaway, and build a step, and Friday, fingers, toes, and everything else crossed, the floor screed will be laid.

Today I spent my time mowing the front lawns and a long time pruning Sylvia's rose arch over the front path.  I did want to clean the chooks run out - but Mr Lottie made me sit down and rest.


  1. Ohh lovely, we are thinking of one of these, I love the design you have chosen, thats a feat in itself with the choice available. G x

  2. Well done Pat! You would have gone on and on wouldn't you Lottie if he hadn't stopped you? LOL!
    It must feel good to have the Sunroom near completion.

    Getting all excited for you!

    Sandie xx

  3. Looks lovely.
    It will be a great space to relax in.
    I hope your chookies don't decide to live in it though ;)

  4. Ooooooh! I think I might have to save up for one of these - it's looking beautiful! My littl'un Charlie saw the piccies and said "Oh wow! Chickens!" He loves them :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  5. Hi Lottie, Your going to have a lovely room when it is finished. Have a great day tomorrow. Hugs xCHrisB


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