Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Up and about early this morning - have 16 pounds of gooseberries to cook and pounds and pounds of blackcurrants, so won't be spending much time up the allotment. I have got the afternoon off, as I am giving my hard working hands a treat and having a manicure.

Off to water some tubs at home - then slaving over a hot stove.

Thanks very much for the link to the crete site Karen. I am going to cook the chicken recipe off their recipe page and also the courgette one. Just hope that the village shop has feta cheese if not I will have to improvise

Must dash or I will not get everthing done.


  1. sounds like you 've got a lot of fruit! thats great, just reading below you have lots of courgettes too, I usually do but they are not growing well this year.

  2. CG I am sure they will catch up, and you will have lots when mine are finished. Once they start they go crazy don't they. Mine are monster plants now - how they have done it without rain amazes me - but they have grown long 'arms' and tendrils are anchoring them down so they are like a carpet - so they must be getting goodness from the plot that was well manured over the winter.


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