Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Allotment Lady has a question about sweet potatoes

I know I get lots of visits here from overseas, so I would like to pick your brains.

Leonie gave me a couple of sweet potato slips - you will remember from my post way back and those in the USA guessed what they were.

Well now that I have been growing them on in a big black pot each - (couldn't risk them being chewed, trampled, or infected by all the creatures and animals that test my patience up the allotment).

So I have two delightful looking climbers under my lean to at the back of the garage. They are thriving - but my question is what next?

How do I know when they have got any tubers (if any). When to harvest. Do the vines get get flowers?

So any first hand knowledge that you can give me would be much appreciated not only by myself but other members of The Potting Shed forum who have them too!


  1. Molly5:02 pm

    I have only grown sweet potatoes as an ornamental house plant because they require a long hot summer to form tubers. Here's a good website:

  2. Thank you Molly for that - I am off to have a look. We have had a long hot summer, but whether it is long enough of hot enough remains to be seen

  3. here they dig them in the fall right before frost. I guess they bloom but can't recall seeing blooms. I would wait until right before frost then pull them and get all of the tubers at once.I had a bad night I lost my blog and worked for hours getting it back now I have a black one.I have no idea why it went but it did. feel sorry for me, my sisters don't. when I got it up I had no links so have been working for hours getting them back. You try to guess who's name went up first.

  4. Patsy you poor thing with your blog. Mine drives me demented at times especially with the 'too busy' all the time lately.

    Thanks for the info I will be patient.


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