Saturday, July 29, 2006

Baby Hedgehog

I took these photos the night before the camera 'died' and didn't have time to post them on here. So for those of you suffering from photo deprivation (me included) here they are.

Just after midnight, Pat happened to see out of the corner of his eye something very little running.

We have a security night light which comes on at dusk and goes out at dawn, so we are often lucky enough to see visitors.

This one was a tiny baby hedgehog. This one was very active and healthy - if you see any hedgehog about in daylight it will always be ill despite the fact that it might be moving around.

This photo and the following one was taken when it was out of the light, so I just had to aim my camera into the pitch black and hope that it captured his image.

I took 12 photos and got three with him in them! The others are lovely pictures of sad looking lawn - which has now recovered after the rain the other day.

We are spring cleaning out little bungalow today - which is a total waste of time as it will get messed up tomorrow - but we like to do it anyway for our sake not theirs!

I just love the fresh clean smell after I have washed everything down - only do that once a month mind you - other times it is a quick dust once a week and Pat does the vacuuming as my poor old back won't let me.

Just off to make my second loaf of the day, a white one for the little people who are used to sliced white bread, but I refuse to buy it. So it is home made and home sliced!

Been busy making three more flower arrangement for my floral patchwork - but have run out of time as lots more baking nd preparation to do. No the royal family are not visiting, but I do like to make a special effort for my visitors, whoever they are.

I am looking forward to having a bit of female company in the home, and 'playing' at arty crafty things, and supervising their cooking. There is also the menus that I have got them to plan, as I told the girls that they could cook for the days they are here, recipes from the River Cottage Family Cookbook that I bought my grand daughter. The only thing I know that they want to do is a chocolate cake. Maybe I should have mentioned that we eat meat and veggies too LOL

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I dum, de dum, de dum ,,,,,,la la, lala lala lala.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Great stuff!

    I am just off to do dinner....
    roast duck stuffed with apricots, peaches, breadcrumbs & herbs!!! My own recipe, so will let you know how it goes.

    Enjoy your time with the visitors.

  2. Karen6:33 pm

    Were you serious about discovering more of Switzerland ? Here this will keep you occupied for a while."

    We have a fox that visits and hedgehogs. There are just some thing that money cannot buy and usually they give the most pleasure. Like rainbows.

  3. Cute little guy.

    I will have to do some baking this wek, the kids love it and will give them something to do.


  4. Mrs Nesbitt - enjoy your duck - you have posh meals for a Saturday, I am having sea bream

    Karen - thanks for the link - a gal after my own heart - my sentiments entirely.

    Becki - that is just what I will be doing with my grandchildren. My sons used to cook with me and from their earliest years, and it did them in good stead - they still enjoy cooking now.

  5. love the phohts of the hedgehog. we don't have them here but i believe the live in the western U S.have a good visit with your family.

  6. The little hedgehog is so cute, it's nice to see photos on your blog again. Have a lovely weekend with your family.

  7. eat up those slugs little guy!!

  8. hi have now put some fresh pictures on our blog
    also there is a couple of questions i think you can help me with (thanks for you insperation you got me off my backside to get my own plot and i love it forever grateful)

  9. Great stuff lads!
    We are new to all of this too!

  10. I have been and answered your questions 'lads' (reading their blog I think they are 'lads' in their dreams, but GROWN men in reality.LOL

    If those 'boys' are lads, then I must be sweet sixteen. LOL

    Glad you are inspired - it's catching isn't it. Just you wait until next year - you will be telling me what to do, and making me extrememly jealous showing off what you have grown in your greenhouse.


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