Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I feel lost without my camera – it really is broken so have to hurry to buy a new one, and will have to order over the net as I am miles from the city, and my days are now full!

Looking on my computer I can see some photos that might interest you though – but do not have time to post them tonight and write about them.

Hot and humid but with a downpour this evening and power cut. The downpour only lasted 15 minutes but enough to save my tomato plants up the allotment.

The KoKKo, Adelaide and Ginger are now out and about all day, but I think that they might be feeling the effects of this humid weather.

They had a lie in this morning as opposed to a lay in which I expected and at 8.30am there were still no eggs. When I visited at 4pm to put them to bed there were two.

Ginger laid a funny shaped egg yesterday and the shell, whilst intact, was a bit thin, so she is not eating her grit or else the thunder and humidity might be affecting her. She is perky enough though and eating well.

I will have a home full on Sunday, so have been baking today – had to be done! More to bake tomorrow too.

Having my eldest granddaughter to stay with her cousin so I expect to be busy.

Gosh I just jumped out of my skin – a thunderclap crashed right over the village! Phew, fair made me jump. Poor Pat is out bowling too. – Hope they don’t keep bowling and that he comes home pdq.

I am posting this quickly too, in case we have another power cut.

Made another batch of the courgette burgers, but added spices and grated them on a smaller grater. They taste like lovely Moroccan curry flavour. A nice mild curry, then it quickly develops after the first taste, and is warm rather than overpowering.

They are all vacuum packed and frozen now. Many some of the above into balls, for finger food for the weekend. I cooked them all in the oven so they will only need warming up on the day.

I don’t trust this weather so will post this will the power is still on.


  1. Got my veg box today.....loys of sprouting beans, recommended to add to vegi-burgers! Just a thought!

  2. sorry the camera is broke.

  3. Have you got a new camera yet chuck?
    I have a Canon Powershot A85! It's great. What's more have found a forum to ask questions, it's great, very helpful!

  4. I posted a reply here earlier and it hasn't shown.

    I asked exactly what you have answered Mrs N.

    Will look it up when I get back later

  5. Sorry to hear about your camera, your photos are always interesting. I have a Canon PowerShot A95 and I can vouch for it too.

    I made my ratatouille tonight with pesto - inspired suggestion AL, it was fab, would never have thought of it myself.

    BTW I meant to thank Karen for the tip about too much salt in the courgette cake recipe,noted. And was sorry to hear about Patsy's blog going - I looked at it the other day but was scared off by the huge green caterpillar things! :)

    Can anyone suggest things to do with rosemary and sage, I have huge amounts in my garden and don't cook lamb or pork because the Mr doesn't like them. I was thinking of crafty scented items?

  6. Redwitch - thanks for recommending the camera. One of my son's is going to loan me his camera whilst I decide whether to get a compact digital or 'big' one.

    He thinks that another compact would best for me - purely because it will fit easily in a handbag or bag. But I will see. I really really miss taking photos and have such a lot that I wanted to take. Especially over the next week or so!

    Rosemary, and sage - wonderful. Apart from th obvious drying for sage and onion stuffings - there is always popourri etc. Will get back to you on that.

  7. Sorry to hear about your camera!
    You'll give us a good blog without the pics I'm sure, even though they are usually good ones!

    I really must update my blog!

    BTW I've now got shingles...all on my right side. The best of it is, I don't remember having chicken pox, if I did it must have been a mild one! With this heat, it's almost unbearable but, have taken my painkillers and can feel myself becoming quite 'mellow' and not so much of the sharp pains at the moment anyway.

    About the sweet potatoes, I'm not sure where I read it but, you can make chunky crisps out of them by peeling them,slice them with a peeler, lay them on grease proof parer and put them in the oven on low, checking them frequently, then if there are any left after'sampling' in airtight containers. You can do this with carrot,parsnip and beetroot apparently!

  8. I have read the same about the potato crisps somewhere. I have tried some and they are really nice. Sorry about your camera. I have a small Pentax Optio S5i which is really good.

  9. Becki - thanks for the recommendation for the Pentax. My one was a Pentax and good too, I think I must have worn it out!

    Sandie - so sorry to hear about the shingles. I do so hope that the shingles is the spotty sort and not the other sort. I am so glad to hear that the painkillers are making you feel mellow and are working - thank goodness. I hope that you are not working - and resting. Now who was that, that said that to me.

    I wonder if you have inadvertantly been in touch with someone who has chicken pox?

    It goes without saying that I wish you well, and a speedy recovery too.

  10. Shingles is really nasty. I remember my Mum having it when i lived at home. Hope you get better quick.


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