Friday, July 28, 2006

Two days with stormy downpours and high humidity has knocked the ‘stuffing’ out of me. Well not the downpours as such, but the sleepless tropical nights.

There has not been much that I can do up the allotment these past couple of days – the inevitable weeding of course, but in high temperatures not a lot of that got done.

The chooks are getting a bit shook up with all the electrical storms and thunderclaps, and some of the crops look like they have suffered a bit.

I hope it is will be a blessing too, and prevent some of the many field and hedgerow fires across our area. The air has been filled with more fire engine and police sirens that I have ever heard.

I feel at a loss without a camera in my pocket, and have missed so many photo opportunities too. Hopefully soon that will be rectified!

On the coast yesterday and today, there has been the annual Air Displays – and we get to see some of the aircraft flying over.

It was great yesterday afternoon when some really old RAF helicopters flew over our village in perfect formation – off back to an air museum or base by the look of things.

We get to see quite a number of such craft flying overhead as I have mentioned before – but the majority of which are modern ones – and helicopters are usually flying singly – so see a formation of them was a real and almost like watching an old black and white film!

I am just off to my floral design workshop so this is a short and hurried post - but I will make up for it over the weekend hopefully


  1. we had rain and today there is a brisk breeze blowing from west. it is really nice out a review fall.i hope you get a new camera soon I miss the photos.

  2. Karen8:13 pm

    We have got rain, it has eventually arrived. It has cooled down from 32 to 28 degrees now and we have thunder and rain at last.

    Just for those who may be interested in the Swallowtail caterpillar I mentiioned. He or she has not been seen for days now, presumably pupated which leaves me in a dilemma as to what I should do with my carrots. As come spring it will need some food.

    Karen, Switzerland.

  3. Karen, why not leave just a couple of carrots overwinter. The Swallowtails probably feed on other plants in the same family group as the carrots.

    Glad that you had rain too. I never picture Switzerland as hot and sunny, I don't know why as it is totally silly - but we mainly see beautiful pictures of snow and skiing!

    Patsy - hang on a bit for the photos. I am hoping to borrow one before I buy one - its a big thing choosing a camera isn't it?

  4. People always seem to think of Switzerland that way, like Austia, but it is the mountains and higher altitudes that have the snow and the scenic reputations. If you think of France you think of higher temperatures. Around us are vineyards which have grapes but no one talks of Swiss wine, don't bother, there is better to be had elsewhere,

    Our temperatures here go between minus 10 degrres to 40 if it it anything like 2003 which makes gardening interesing and a challenge here compared to the U.K.
    Believe me gardening in a U.K. climate is a doddle apart from exceptionally hot years like this one. You have rain, normally.

  5. P.S. like last winter for example I grew leeks about 40 of them but for December, January, February and some of March ALL the ground was totally frozen and I just could not dig them up. You NEVER get that in the U.K. You may get a few days where the ground is frozen but never impossible. So I shall not grow leeks again here.

    It is an interesting learning experience if nothing else.

  6. Sounds like fun Karen on all counts. I must do some research on areas of Switzerland, it is somewhere I have always wanted to visit in the spring.

    I have been on long haul holidays for weeks and months at a time years ago - but never got the chance to travel around Europe - just fleeting visits and weekends

    Maybe I can retify that in my dotage LOL


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