Tuesday, July 04, 2006

80f here at 8.30am - not working up the allotment today

Went up the allotment very very early today and collected the eggs. 2 perfect and one partly eaten - by Ginger - caught her in the act. Despite all the extra calcium I have provided her egg shells do seem thinner than the others and the egg is paler.

They don't lay their eggs at the same time every day - otherwise I could go up there at 7am or whatever time. The other day Adelaide did not lay until 11.30am.

As I am usually up there 4 or 5 hours a day lately, I can frequently check up on them.

It is so hot today that I am not going up the allotment to work. I need to weed a bit of my front gardens, and have lots of fruit to process - either cook, or blanch and freeze.

Off for breakfast.


  1. denise t12:53 am

    have you tried extra protein for Ginger? maybe she's eating all the greens and not enough of the other feed you give them... hmmmmm she's a naughty girl! ;oD

  2. Molly5:00 pm

    Oh, poor Ginger. I wonder, do some hens get osteoporosis early in life, as do some women? I have at leastone hen who lays thin-shelled eggs also and I noticed that lately when I let them out for a run a couple of them make a beeline for the garden shed where I store a bag of dolomite lime that I put around my lime-loving plants. I thought it was the calcium the were after, although they should get enough of that from the oyster shell grit, but perhaps it's the magnesium that's part of the lime mixture. I've also noticed them seeking out the iron phosphate pellets that I use as slug bait. So I have to wonder if the "scientifically formulated" layer mash is really all that complete a diet?


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