Sunday, July 02, 2006

Too hot, too tired to type

It has been 95f here today and yesterday was about the same - some of the roads are melting too!

It is far too hot for me to type up recent events. We went up tonight at 9.30pm to water the essential plants and it was still sweltering. Someone's been helping themselves to water from my tanks - and a quick look on you know who's plot and damp patches around some lettuce and sweetcorn and onions tells me that I do not need Inspector Poirot to solve this mystery. No wonder the water was going down fast!

The chooks were still up so I let them out for a play - and guess what - 2 brown eggs and one peach one with slit in it - a strange - almost as though it had been stabbed with the tip of a knife. Hmmm

When I walked down that end I saw a rabbit rush out of the flower beds to the fence on the other side and disappeared through it. I couldn't believe my eyes. After letting the girls out for a mooch about, I went to take a look. There was a huge hole cut in the chicken wire - bigger that an football. If I didn't know better I would have thought that I have been sabotaged. Or maybe I have. This hole was too huge to miss. And considering I walk past it several times a day, and had done a thorough inspection tour when I found the last hole, it was definitely not there then.

We were up there Friday evening, and I missed Saturday as it was so hot and I have visitors. I knew the girls would be alright as they have a shade over their long run and get the shade in the afternoon. They have a big food hopper now, that will last them at least a week, and also water containers so that they have 6 litres of water, so I knew they would be fine for one day without a visit.

So I had to repair the fence before I could water - put another length of very close mesh fencing in front to the other, bent the wire all along the bottom for 6 inches and pegged it in places to the ground - will put more pegs in later in the week.

The original fence is buried a spade deep to prevent from tunnelling under - which they don't. Clever these rabbits nowadays - they can now eat their way through chicken wire!

Isn't it great that the rabbits have eaten all the bottoms of the rudbeckias - we can walk in and out them now and have a dig

A wander aroung the flower beds - doing the insect patrol

They have inspected the flower beds and are just finished off the broad bean bed - next stop the gooseberry patch

On the dig around the mulch on the baby asparagus plants - they are always good for an insect or two.

Come on you two, there are lots of gooseberries here - I just saw a pigeon fly off - so if they can eat them so can we

How right you are for once Ginger

All this foraging for food is hot work isn't it - I am going to take a rest

They all have their favourite rhubarb plant to hide under and have a siesta - wish I could too.

Come on girlies time for lunch


  1. Oh what a fun tour around the garden with the girls! The cat always joins me in the garden but she doesn't eat bugs. We're having hot & dry weather too (near Seattle, WA area), much earlier than usual. More watering and mulching ahead.

  2. so had a slit in the egg like a knife huh? i still think someone is messing with you and your chicks. love the photos of the hens on their strole. it's hot here to, when i go out the grass crackles under my shoes. I water my one row garden ever day. the babies are enjoying the heat and all the chicks are doing good finally.

  3. chris9:32 am

    If you think you know who it is,do they leave their watering cans around?
    You could put some beetroot juice in the tank and they would have to clean their cans out pretty well to be rid of the colour,else a piece of white tisuue wiped around the bottom of their can would give them away.

  4. Blimey!! That's a bit off, nicking your water. What are you going to do?


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