Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The vacuumed bread! -

I was telling you yesterday about my exploits with my new gadget and how I vacuum packed the left over chicken slices, some dried grapes and two loaves of bread.

I was telling my son last night how the large loaf of bread had been reduced to a third of its size and he was laughing his head off on the other end of the telephone.

As the instructions said that bread was suitable for packaging in this way, I am fully expecting it to inflate back up to its full size as soon as the bag is cut and the vacuum released.

My son reckons that now all the air has been sucked out of my lovely light loaf, it will stay flattened as it is not like an artificial sponge.

Here is a photo of the now frozen as well as deflated loaf - what do you think?

What are the odds of it returning to its full size - has anyone done the same thing?

By the way there are more pages posted below this - In my back garden today, and a Chicken Page. More photos to cheer up a dismal day.


  1. It'll be ok if you soak it in a bucket of water for an hour or two after you open it ;-)

  2. Just like a man to come up with a practical answer - shame its not the right one! LOL

  3. Sorry but I thought it would be a miracle if your bread was OK when defrosted-I know from experience ie if bread gets squashed in the freezer it stays that shape when defrosted!!!

  4. That's what I figured, but I am not going to tell my son that! I guess it is fine if it is slice before you do it then?

  5. would probably be fine if you could somehow puff all the air back into it again :D
    Oh well,you can always use it for bread pud.

  6. In my old days as a chef, we would vac pack everything. Bread never survives a good sucking I'm afraid. Is there not a settimg where you can seal the bag but not take any air out? That would work a dream.

  7. Yes it is a sealer too. There were scant directions and guidelines for use sadly. Just a list of some of the things that could be vacuumed pack - bread being one of them - and the length of time it lasts as opposed to just freezing in the normal way.

    Never mind, I only did two loaves that way - and either it will be another batch of bread pudding, or breadcrumbs for savoury or sweet toppings, croutons, etc etc etc (But I am sure that they didn't have bread in the Kind and I lol

    Thanks for you comment - nice to hear from you


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