Monday, February 27, 2006

I can't be doing too badly if................

Eggs - Total to date: 256 - Day 114

KoKKo 85 (86grms) 29.11.2005 Personal best weight
Adelaide 86 (80grms) 26.02.2006 *New Personal best weight*
Ginger 85 (78grms) 22.2.2006 Personal best weight

I can't be doing too badly if my triplets are laying big eggs. Adelaide's last personal best was on 13th February and it was 77grms. Today she laid one 80grms, and KoKKo's was 81grms - I doubt that she will ever exceed her massive personal best of 86grms, though.

I don't always weigh them, as I can tell what they weigh by just holding them in my hands. They usually weigh around the mid 70grms mark with KoKKo's usually hovering around 80grms. When I get one that feels a bit weighty then I check it.

Mind you the world record is 12oz so mine look tiddly compared with that - but are large compared with ones you get in the shops. I only know this as mine bulge in the egg boxes and I have a job closing the lid

I am feeling a bit worn out from all my latest activities, and snow is forecast for the rest of the week - so perhaps being snowed in will do be good. I can get on with indoor things - like makeing soap and face cream etc. But before then I have sausages, and yohurt to make!

Best be getting on with things then

Back this evening with an update.

BYW - I forgot to take a photo of the bread - one is in the freezer and the small loaf is now half eaten. Pat had the whisky marmalade on his and I had my lemon curd. I can really recommend adding toasted pumpkin seeds to the loaf - it really adds a new dimension. I usually put them on top, but a lot fall off - and Pat often got those bits before me - so not wanting to miss out on anything - the perfect solution!

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