Thursday, February 23, 2006

Japanese Doves

My daughter in law’s parents came to the UK for two weeks when Luke, our grandson was born.

We usually exchange little gifts – I like to give them things from Norfolk or places that we have visited and try to get something unusual too if I can.

In Japan, the shops wrap up what you buy – and so daintily too. This is what they bought me this time.

I was given this lovely carrier bag.

Inside was a gift wrapped in white and silver paper and sealed with two little dove stickers – which I opened to reveal...........................

This lovely tin – which is bigger than an A4 sheet of paper to give you an idea of the size. I couldn't bear to throw away the little stickers so I stuck those on the tin.

I opened the tin to reveal this………………

Wonderful biscuits – a cross between shortbread biscuits and rusks. Really tasty. They are really huge doves about the size of my hand, and each sealed in its own wrapper. One is the equivalent of more than two ordinary biscuits. We are rationing them to one each a night as they are so delicious.

I shall be saving the tin, wrapping paper and carrier bag – all of which will be useful with my hobbies.

Haruko translated the story - which I hope I get right.

Travellers came to Japan and brought with them biscuits which the Japanese in this particular region had never tasted before.

The Temple in the region was called 'Dove Temple' (or was famous for its doves) so the Japanese living there made a biscuit in celebration. It is a recipe they made up themselves to suit the ingredients they had and to their taste.

And believe me, they not only look and smell wonderful (a bit like vanilla) they taste it too!

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