Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Eggs - Total to date: 242 - Day 108

KoKKo 80 (86grms) 29.11.2005 Personal best
Adelaide 81 (77grms) 13.02.2006 Personal best
Ginger 81 (78grms) 14.12.2005 Personal best

I awoke to the surprise of a dusting of snow over the garden and it was bitterly cold, so I decided to treat the chooks to a nice porridge made with warm milk and raisins – they haven’t had it for a while so thought it would make a lovely surprise for them.

They were already up and about and queuing up at the door to the run for me to unlock it and let them out in the pen. It still makes me smile, even though they do it every day – they push right to the wire, the face of the first one in the queue flattened firstly, then beak first through the bars to peck at my wedding ring. Before I have even taken out the pin they are trying to ram the door open – and burst out in a flurry of happy squawks and feathers, then realise the error of their ways when they see me putting the food container in the run, and they try to barge me out of the way to get to it first!

Then peace and happy contented sounds as they all tuck in, commenting to each other about the breakfast menu. I left them to it as the sleet hurtled down and I needed a warm breakfast inside me too!

Later I went out to see them – the snow melted and more sleet coming down – I filled up their greens cage with leaves from January King cabbages – and managed to get a few photos of the pecking order shuffle before they settle down to eat.


Adelaide barging Ginger out of the way

Two's company, three's a crowd!

Not in this case fortunately

Posing for the camera

There was just one egg there when I looked – but one more would be nice as I promised a couple for the physio tomorrow! Perhaps later! But I am not venturing out as it is still tipping it down and so very cold.

Well I did have to venture out later to lock their run - and say goodnight to them - and there was another egg in the nest box. I knew I could count on them.


  1. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Love the pics of the chooks!
    Haven't they got wonderful plummage! Surely down to your loving care for them?

    I went to feed the birds at 'Swan Lake' this afternoon, pearl barley, old cereals, fresh(reduced price) organic wholemeal no less!the crust off of a pork pie,catfood that the cats just wouldn't touch this morning, soggy oat biscuits, dry cheese bits and
    some sultanas. they eat a varied diet when I feed! They seemed ravenous, don't think folk are feeding them with this bird flu scare... sad, 'cos if it doesn't come over here, these birds will miss out on their food as they have gotten used to it.
    celery! (sel a vie, can't spell it, but Doris Day could belt it out! LOL!)

    Gonna sit down and try to get some of my hand sewn patchwork done tonight and listen to some calming music for a change.

  2. They are so funny - my chook plans are on hold so i love catching up with yours :)

  3. HB

    Just looked at your manor house - my it has doubled in size. Looking good


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