Monday, February 27, 2006

Third post today! The bunnies revenge!!!!!

I feel like a sulk - but I am not good at sulking.

Everything aches as usual - so I decided to do my rabbit sausages. I got a lovley recipe from a chap on another site, so having assembled all those ingredients off I went up to the village - I upset the butcher by asking for a kilo of belly of pork minced.

He said that he had just used the machine for beef, so would have to strip it down and wash it and it would take a while.

Probably did the wrong thing by saying cheerfully - 'That's all right, I can wait'. So I did. I felt a bit guilty so ordered 2kg to try and cheer him up. It cost enough for a holiday in a tent for a week, so he should have heen happy! But on no - I got a lecture on what would happen if one tiny bit of beef got mixed up with the pork and vice versa - 'Well' he said. 'What do you think would happen?'

Flamin heck, I thought, Mastermind on a Monday morning! I also rely on lip reading, and as he often talks with his head down and softly too, I mainly smile at him and say, 'Oh right', or 'Great, that's good' which I had obviously said in the wrong place as he seemed none too happy when I left!

-Or maybe it was because I said that I was making bunny burgers (Didn't dare say sausages, as he does every variety known to man, and this week's is Lincolnshire - just thought you might like to know!). And remember I have to live here, so can't really say anything out of place - even if it is,'Oh right' as it was probably wrong!

Anyway - I digress........

I put cut up bunny meat in the freezer for 20 mins - like it said in the recipe.

Blooming bunnies rebelled. There was no way that they were going to be minced to make sausages.

My electric mincer got bunged up and stripped down and restarted 8 times - I am the worlds most patient person some times.

We got out the hand mincer that I recently bought off another forum, and we tried - oh how we both tried. Pat thought it was me! So he had a go - but it did not want to be minced.

It is lovely soft meat too. So the 931grms in now reduced to 708 grms due to all the bits we had to waste - unbunging said machines.

I resorted to cutting it all up into little pieces with my dressmaking scissors. (I don't do dressmaking - so they get used as kitchen scissors.) I almost cut the top of my finger when Pat distracted me with a silly question - as he does bless him. But I just missed. Still shaking when I think about it - those scissors are so sharp.

Will you stop laughing your heads off - this is serious.

So................ I gave up and put rescued bunny bits in a sealed container in the fridge. We had rabbit stew for lunch (made from the carcasses with loads of home grown veggies) Pat was in charge of fishing out all the bones, whilst I cleared up.

Yes you've guessed it. I had all the tiny bones, and I thought I had broken a filling yet again, but it was just a chip off a tooth.

So apart from my back ache, shoulder ache, and now face ache with a head ache I am fine.

I would go back to being a vegetarian but I can't let three bunnies win can I?

So has anyone got the River Cottage Cook Book that has bunny burgers in it?

Off for a choc ice - Pat should have done the washing up by now.

Well I feel a whole lot calmer now and decided that my fight with the rabbit sausages was due to the fact that I told fib in the butchers - hence - what goes around comes around - so I have made some bunny burgers after all.

I made up a kilo with the rabbit, some minced pork belly and added sage,onions,thyme, salt and pepper. I have now put parchment paper on top and bagged them up and they are in the fridge for the night to bloom before I vacuum pack them tomorrow.

There was an orange in the animal box which I have sliced up and is drying, and I have got some white grapes drying too.

I thought that you might like a laugh at my expense - especially if your Monday was a bit stressful too!

Fingers crossed that tomorrows sausage making goes more smoothly!


  1. Found another blog today called Raining Sideways -has lots of recipes ,photos of chickens etc so thought you'd be interested
    Had a break from reading lottie blogs this afternoon and actually did 2 hours work on my allotment

  2. Thanks I will try and find it.

  3. wish you had told why he thought pork and beef couldn't be mixed.

  4. Oh sorry - I forgot.

    Well there are strict rules and regulations about that. And apparently - which is the point of him asking me the question of did I know............
    he would get fined £1000!

  5. You should never mess with bunnies - they come at you like Johnny Bullet if you try! :-D


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