Friday, February 24, 2006

Adelaide's Chicken Page


My name is Adelaide, and I am the head chook around here, so if you want to take any photographs you have to get my permission first.

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This is what mother hen served up for our lunch, in the vain hope of keeping us amused whilst she got on and cleared out the run.

Today's selection consisted of chopped tomatoes, green grapes, chopped brussel sprouts, and come of mother hens bread - which she had shrunk in her vacuum packer to a small hard lump.

I am at the back head down eating a grape, KoKKo is in the middle, and Ginger is having a peck at the back.

Mother hen probably told you that she did some weeding, well this is what she gave us - nice fresh clumps of grass, and dandelion weeds from the gravel paths - lovely stuff. We soon polished that off!

I am in the front - don't you think that I look good? It was a really lovely sunny day, and I think that we looked beautiful and gleaming!

Look at this cheeky bird - I knew I shouldn't have left a bit of pear lying around!
Best get rid of it quick or Mother Hen won't be too pleased. She is a bit fussy about eating off the floor!

So this is KoKKo - she has got another leg! She is just standing funny!

This is Ginger.

And this of course is me - Adelaide - not a bad looking bunch of hybrids are we. And we laid three eggs again today! Not impressed? Well you want to try doing it in freezing conditions!


  1. Hi! Nice blog you have here! :)

    Would you please visit my blog?


  2. Thank you - just popping over to have a look at yours

  3. Anonymous1:46 am

    Oh Oh!
    you overdid it this time?!
    You need some of 'forever living' products' 'Aloe Heat Gel' for those aching muscles gal, you'll stink like an aging Boxer(human type LOL!) but the gentle heat and soothing effect is worth it. milder than the Victor Meldrew TCP though!

    I don't think you can get coconut oil as a 'liquid oil', think it comes in a butter like texture, but can't help with supplies of it!
    I'm off to leicestershire tomorrow to look at areas/homes, boxes to tick are, garden,preferably private and able to grow veg and flowers and trees., decent sized kitchen that's not got too much stainless steel or pink tiles!,conservatory would be nice, could end up like a greenhouse anyway, downstairs loo for those moments when cuaght short in the garden...and preferably no by-laws prohibiting the keeping of hens!Also friendly but not overbearing neighbours, who like cats, and not too far from an allotment that I could rent! Bet that's sent you to sleep!!LOL!
    My sister is set to move on Tuesday now, so hopefully will be able to move her smoothly.
    Love the pics, the 'girls' were on top form hey? Face wouldn't have them any other way, no matter what you say!
    nite, nite!


  4. joared8:36 am

    Yes, I'm impressed! Those are truly beautiful chickens.

  5. Thank joared - I know lots of people are interested in the chickens so like to take photos when I can.


    I am not bored in the slightest - love hearing all your news and house hunting too how exciting. Your prospective house sounds great.

    Leicestershire is a nice county so I am sure you are bound to find something that you like - will you be retiring or continue to work - getting a transfer maybe?

    Sweet dreams and have a good weekend

  6. Anonymous11:05 am

    morning AL!
    Thanks for that!

    Just got up, will be 'chastised' by the cats!

    Will be off to Leicestershire around noon, waiting for a lady from a dog rescue centre to pick up some old blankets and stuff for bedding for the dogs/bric a brac etc. I'm quite excited really!

    If I win the lottery, yes will be retiring but, no, can't afford to probably not until I'm 65-70yrs old yet!! Jobwise, hoping to get a local government job, still using my nursing skills. My Neice reckons I've got good organisational why can't I get myself organised! LOL!
    Will let you know how I get on, maybe tomorrow, as my Sister has invited me over for a Chinese meal....(this takeaway near to her is excellent, cooked fresh and not greasy at all)I've been a good girl dietary way, so this can be a treat.
    catchya later!



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