Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A few plants in my garden today - taken in the sleet! - A chicken page update is below

As I was getting soaking wet anyway - I thought that I would snap a few of my favourite things at the moment in the back garden.

A self sown wild primrose that has been flowering its little heart out all winter - for months, depsite it getting trodden on because it has picked the most incovenient of places to grow!

Dripping with water in my 'Woodland Garden', a fern in the middle, Patchysandra to the right (a ground cover plant), and wild spurge.

The cardoon has started to grow again already which is such a suprise

This geranium survived the winter too - an even greater surprise - having lost some of its leaves to reveal a really pink stem - pink with the cold like my face this morning!


  1. Great to see the fern - they're a passion of mine. Have seen a building in Welshpool today decorated with carved sandstone and ornamental art deco style ferns! Am about to try and research it on the internet.
    All the best, Mike

  2. Art Deco - I just love it. We visited Napier in New Zealand - do you know of it? Look it up on the interenet if not - wonderful.

    You shouldn't be looking at my blog when you are on holiday! I am flattered though.

  3. Will look up Napier - thanks. Didn't have an internet connection on holiday or would have looked at your blog but am now home - it was a flying visit to Wales with a friend to do a couple of jobs and get in a walk or two.
    All the best, Mike


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