Monday, June 30, 2014

Me 39 He 30

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We had heavy rain all weekend (luckily after we had  been up the allotment very early Saturday morning. 

Today we made another visit to tackle
 The Comfrey plants.  With all the rain this year they are shoulder height!
 We have just finished the last of last years old potatoes.
I mashed the old spuds that were left a few months ago, 
and put them into containers  and popped them into the freezer.
Instant toppings for Shepherds Pie or Fish Pie, Bubble and squeak
and so much more!   We were unwilling to buy some supermarket potatoes, 
before ours are ready to dig up!   It was then I had a Eureka moment!

 Last year I covered up the big bed at the other end of my plot.
Mr Lottie was too ill, and I didn't have the time or energy to work on it.

I noticed a few weeks ago that the heavy covering had a couple of bulges in it!
So I made a cut and found evidence of a little bit of potato foliage which grew bigger
over the weeks.
I persuaded Mr L to investigate which he did so reluctantly
 Underneath the plastic clean and dry, not even needing to be dug up
 Were two varieties of potatoes
Some big 'jacket' potatoes.  By the time we eat these 
this years crop will be ready to start digging up! 



 I was cutting and composting the comfrey

I am so pleased with the end result - I even mowed the lawn path!

And, and, and, at 6am this morning I did my 3.5 mile walk and did the same walk in reverse tonight!   Anything to get away from the neighbours howling hound!
Have a good week everyone.


  1. Phew! You make me feel so tired just reading about your work up the allotment!
    Great to find those spuds!

  2. I've left a comment on my blog re- hens and another on the Dehydrator post. I tried leaving a comment on your 'Lottie me' blog, but couldn't.
    You are the reason I bought the dehydrator!
    Sandie xxx

  3. What an excellent (lazy) way to grow potatoes! I wonder if it would work for the whole crop.....

  4. Hope you are Mr Lottie are ok ---long time no posts. Always enjoy your blog. Jean


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