Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Allotment hours: Me:13 He:13 Eggs:80

Have you ever worked so hard physically that you work yourself to a standstill?  That is what I have done today, so it is great to finally sit down with my feet up, having a rest

Breakfast at Lottie's
You can't help but smile first thing in the morning at breakfast time

Snowy is so nosy - stop squeaking, it's all the same food; get back to eating

It doesn't take them long to eat their fill and scramper off around the garden

They have a drinker of fresh water 24/7 in their run - so why do they insist on drinking from the bird baths?

As much as I love too, I couldn't stand watching them for long as we were off up the allotment.
I wanted to get in my early potatoes, and its hard work.

Patrick bless him, was in charge of barrowing the well rotted horse manure
Whilst I dug the trenches and filled them with it

I planted three rows of Rocket - first earlies - they were lovely last year

And one row of Charlotte - second earlies which never lets me down.  I earthed them up as I did each row, leaving some extra soil either side of the trenches to earth them up again when the leaves show.

Patrick weeded the Jostaberry bed - and a great job he did of it too!  There are always sneaky creeping nettles that are hard to dig out, and the deadly deep rooted dock weeds.
We were up there almost three and a half hours - the time flew by.    Luckily I had a cooked chicken at home ready prepared for lunch, so he did the salad whilst I showered and  I finished preparing it whilst he did the same.

I was so worn out that I thought I wouldn't be able to do another thing - but I soon got distracted once I went into the garden - more of that another day.


  1. Wow! It's looking very organised. Wish I had a bit more time to spend in our garden!

  2. Yes! I was out there in the sunshine this week too! the lovely warm days got the better of me and I was beavering away all day! Managed to fit in some dogwalking too! It's a 'good' tired after a day like that!

  3. Makes me feel guilty, not getting on with my sowing etc but, I did get a good quality compost to give my seeds a good start!
    Sandie xx

  4. You put me to shame all your hard work up your allotment!!
    I really must try harder!!

  5. How wonderful to be outside gardening! We have had horrible rains here in the northeast and many places are flooded... my poor crocuses have tried to open but they are sitting in a pool of water and mud. Oh well... I think once the sun arrives we will finally have a glorious spring! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog today! And lucky you to have chickens!!! I used to have them and I do so wish we could have them again... I did see six chickens running around outside our post office yesterday! =)

  6. claret3:43 pm

    I love all those fluffy chicken bums up in the air!

    You've been very busy, I need to catch up with your blog.

  7. Hi there stranger!

    Jo just mentioned about this blog so I came over - and there was I thinking Lottie had disappeared!

    Nice to see the allotment hours are pretty even on this count!

    I've stuck this url on my blog again now I know you're still blogging, so now I have no excuse eh!?

    I'm off out today to build a swinging seat and put some chicken wire up along one fence to keep the pesky rabbits out - although I probably have about 75M to do in total - I did about 50M before we moved in here.

    Anyway - enough wittering - lovely to catch up again!


  8. Thank you so very much for all your kind comments - they are so rewarding to read.

  9. I have new plot at last, after nearly 3 years, and "Dig for Victory" lives again!


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