Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bare bare bare.......................2010 Eggs 42

This time of year the garden looks so bare. 
But there are things to see
The sage looks sadly at the perky snowdrops.  Once the new growth starts I will give it a prune
The snow drops came for Walsingham it is such a beautiful place to visit.  There was snowdrop walk in the grounds of the Shrine - and it was amazing.  The weather was awful, and cold, and sleeting, but I had the most amazing time - and I bought a small bunch of snowdrops 'in the green' and they have formed clumps over the years
The spring bulbs are not up yet  - bare it might look. now that all the dead foliage has been cut, but underneath the soil there lurks lots of plants ready and waiting to burst through as soon as the weather warms up.
This bed is 24 feet wide - the rose has been pruned, but come early summer it will be a mass of white, and will hide the bungalows in the distance
It's a dull day!
The chickens will brighten it up
All ready and waiting to be let out.
Charge of the light brigade - what have you come back for Twiggy?
They are so quick - scuse the bucket - still doing some weeding
The woodland garden isn't looking too bad
Chasing insects - and soon they will be scratching around in the gravel bed - such fun to watch

I recorded them, not sure if I can get the video on here!

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  1. Lovely photos, gorgeous chooks/hens, look as if they're loving the snowless weather.


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