Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What a wonderful day

I have had such a lovely day - not a drop of rain in sight - sparkling frost, then sunshine.
I spent the morning in my craft studio at the end of the garden, with the banties running around gleefully.

After lunch, we went up the allotment, primarily to recycle the composting sacks.

Isn't it lovely - very wet - but sunny.

I have brought those raised beds home with me.  I am growing spuds
in that bed this year

It's looking in pretty good shape considering it has been under snow
and water all winter. 
Russian Kale is a great harvest.
My allotment is now 250ft long, having given up 100ft 18 months ago.
I felt it best to do so due to ill health, and  I have to admit that it was the right decision

We took a stroll up to the top end of the field where three plots had been left untended.
The trustees have reclaimed the land.

The hedge which took up almost a third of the has now been cleared and pruned
This is three quarters of an acre - I bet a few of you would like some of this
This is the view towards the rest of the field and our plots
This is going to be turned into eight allotments.
It should be very fertile soil as they had chickens and geese on here.
I will keep posting up dates over the summer, I bet it will look brilliant

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